3 Self-Care Tips for High School Students

High school is exciting for a lot of reasons, but it can also be overwhelming. Your schedule is full of homework, extracurriculars, studying, and preparing for college. There’s hardly any time to take care of yourself, something sorely needed at this point in your life. Read on to learn some easy self-care you can treat yourself with as a high school student.

3 Self-Care Tips for High School Students

Make Time in Your Schedule for Yourself

While your schedule may seem full, there’s space for you to move things around and give yourself some time to relax and decompress. People in school desperately need time for breaks because a constant go-go-go attitude isn’t sustainable.

After a short while, you will crash, and it will take much longer to recover than had you given yourself some much-needed breaks. It doesn’t have to be much, just some little time to hang out with friends, lay down on your phone, or take a much-needed nap. Any one of these will break up the monotony of your day and make things feel much more manageable.

Watch Your Sleep Schedule

Another way to give time to yourself is through your sleep schedule. You may make concessions here and there regarding sleep, sleeping a lot less so that you can put in more hours studying and completing homework assignments. Doing this can help you get ahead with your work, but you will pay down the line when this catches up to you.

Students in high school need between eight and nine hours of sleep a night to work their best. To do your best work and get ahead of things, get enough sleep, and then you can speed through your assignments instead of slogging through them like everyone normally does.

Treat Yourself

One of the best things you can do to take care of yourself at this point in your life is to treat yourself. There’s not a lot that you can necessarily treat yourself with, but you deserve to go out of your way and get a little gift. That can be something as simple as a new book, a trip to your favorite restaurant, or going to the salon.

Something as little as an eyebrow tint can significantly improve your self-esteem and help make you feel better. You should still restrain yourself, though, because if you treat yourself every second of every day, it will lose its significance.

These self-care tips for high school students can help ease a lot of the pressure that comes with this time in your life. It’s hard to find time in your strict schedule to focus on yourself, but with these tips, you can give yourself a little bit of the time and attention that you so sorely need!

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