4 Great Ways To Spend Time With Your Dog

Are you a pup parent who wants to hang out with your dog more often? Here are four great ways to spend time with your dog. These activities are fun and stimulating for humans and pooches alike!

4 Great Ways To Spend Time With Your Dog

Train Together

Did you know that there are sports meant for dogs? If you and your dog are athletic, consider signing up for an obedience class, building a simple agility course in your backyard, or choreographing a dance routine for a canine freestyle competition! Participating in these sports is a great way to bond with your pup and teach them—and yourself—some cool new tricks!

A Spa Day

Everyone could use a spa day once in a while. Why not schedule appointments for you and your dog? A trip to the doggy salon could be just what your pup needs to relax and unwind, and while they’re getting pampered, you can visit a human salon for similar treatment. Once your appointments are over, you can spend a nice day at home, sitting on the couch, munching on snacks, and feeling pawsitively fabulous.

A Shopping Trip

If you have some extra money to spend, another great way to spend time with your dog is to take them on a shopping spree. You can stop by the pet store and let them pick out a new toy and then visit a restaurant or coffee shop with outdoor seating for a drink or meal. If you ask, most coffee shops are willing to whip up a puppuccino—a mixture of water and whipped cream—for your dog! Some ice cream shops, like Dairy Queen, offer plain vanilla ice cream for dog owners, and various other restaurants have dog-friendly menu items (unseasoned hamburgers, chicken and brown rice, peanut sauce, etc.) you can ask about.

Visit a Local Dog Park

Dog parks are a blast for your dog. They’re also a great way for owners to get some exercise and make friends with other dog owners! Even if you’re not a fan of exercising or socializing, there’s plenty to do at a dog park. Sit under the shade and read a book as your dog frolics around, snap cute photos of your exuberant pup for social media, or enjoy a delicious lunch at a picnic bench.

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