4 Things Teens Should Know When Moving to a New City

Being a teen can be the worst. You’re told to act like an adult, but you’re still treated like a kid. And with all these hormones going crazy, you have to figure out who you are through it all. A move during this time can seem like the worst thing in the world, but it doesn’t have to be. For many, it’s what set them up for success. In the end, you’ll find that moving to a new city, while difficult, can bring great things into your life.

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It’s Okay to Feel Insecure

It might not give you a lot of comfort to know that people can be insecure, but you can learn to recognize what people do to cover it up. As the new kid in a new school or block, you may become the target of bullying. While this sort of treatment is unfair, remember that some people will find another person that seems to have it worse or someone that’s new and target them to draw attention away from their own insecurities. Just know that a bully isn’t better than you. Often, they’re an individual who is carrying around pain and would rather take it out on someone else because of personal circumstances.

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You’ll Make New Friends

You are probably leaving behind cool friends when you move to a new city. And despite promises to stay in touch…life happens and distance WILL affect your relationships — but this is not always a bad thing! Don’t be closed off to the people you meet in your new neighborhood because you could end up making some even better friends. In your life, people will come and go. Just because you’re moving, it doesn’t mean that your old friends won’t still be your friends, its just that you will be friends in a different manner. It can seem like the end of the world to leave behind those you feel closest to, but the new place can be filled with people who are just as amazing. Give it a chance.

This is a Chance to Try New Things

Most people would say, “This is a chance for me to reinvent myself.” It’s true. It’s hard to know who you are at this point as you’re still trying to find yourself. You will have some constants throughout your life. Your core personality doesn’t change much, but your taste in music does, and many other likes and dislikes change as well. Now is the time to explore those things. Start listening to different music, look up different ways to make art, and explore the world around you in general. You’re bound to grow and change.

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Reinvent Your Home Life

If home life has been less than ideal, a new place can help you change that to some extent. It’s not going to magically solve problems, but it’s a chance to change your habits. If you’re frequently told to clean your room, try keeping it clean without being told. Parents will definitely appreciate this. If communication with your parents or guardians has become difficult, try opening up about how you feel. Chances are that they’re on your side, but they may not know how to express it the right way.

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Don’t let the new place scare you. As the start of a new chapter in your life, moving to a new city will bring with it a whole host of changes. It’s an exciting time and might turn out to be one of the most amazing things that ever happens to you.

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