5 of the Best Hobbies for Working With Your Hands

Have you ever had that feeling of accomplishment that comes from working with your hands? In addition to giving you a sense of accomplishment, working with your hands can also provide mental stimulation and increase wellness. Consider trying out some new hobbies for working with your hands.

5 of the Best Hobbies for Working With Your Hands


Calligraphy is an artful way of writing that has been around in various forms since the ancient Shang Dynasty. Modern calligraphy is a little different from the past but is just as exciting to pursue if you want to work with your hands. The best part is that there are so many different writing styles you can play with, so you will never grow bored.

Bullet Journaling

If you want a hobby that allows you to work with your hands while doing something productive, then bullet journaling is the best choice for you. Bullet journaling combines scrapbooking, planning, and journaling, helping you express yourself in a constructive way. Many people enjoy this pastime as it allows them to focus on themselves and plan their lives creatively.

Model Cars

Many aren’t familiar with model cars as people tend to confuse them with the tiny and cheap toy cars you can purchase at your grocery store. However, model cars are highly-detailed, nearly identical replicas of full-sized cars, coming in a wide range of makes and models. These cars are also workable, so you can pop the hood, open the doors, and move the steering wheel. In fact, many model car lovers enjoy performing exterior upgrades on their diecast cars, like adding decals.

Watercolor Painting

Perhaps you want a hobby that provides more creative freedom. If that is the case, then you can’t go wrong with watercolor painting. Practicing this hobby is incredibly simple because all you need is paper, brushes, paint, water, and a little creativity to get the ball rolling.


Sometimes you want to work with your hands in a way that forces you to exercise the analytical side of your brain. Woodworking is a fantastic option since it requires diligence, focus, and consistency to create something you can feel proud of. It might seem intimidating to start this hobby, but once you begin, you attain a skill you can use throughout your life and pass on to others.

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