Winter Driving Tips To Keep You Safe on the Road

Winter is a unique season that provides different elements that make it beautiful, fun, and sometimes a little complicated to drive in. Depending on where you live and the natural weather conditions, you might need more knowledge and experience to deal with various challenges as you drive.

These winter driving tips to keep you safe on the road will give you advice on how to stay in control of your vehicle in the winter. Driving is a great experience, but it also comes with much responsibility to keep yourself and the people around you safe, especially when the roads are slippery.

Winter Driving Tips To Keep You Safe on the Road

Do Not Use Your Phone

Having distractions while driving in certain conditions will make it easier to lose control of the vehicle and get in an accident. You should not use your phone while driving at any time; find a place to park and then check your phone if you must. Driving when it’s snowing or on icy roads requires all your attention and focus on the road because you must react quickly.

Drive Within the Speed Limit

The speed limit is there for safety reasons; even with different weather conditions, experts know how fast you should go to avoid accidents. If it’s snowing and you must drive, try going 5 miles below the speed limit, as this will give you more control and prevent your car from sliding. Also, step on the brakes slowly when stopping, starting at least 10 seconds before a complete stop.

Get the Car Ready

Before driving, ensure everything in your car works perfectly—especially the headlights, defrosters, and windshield wipers. Sometimes while driving in the cold, your interior windshield could get steamy due to the temperature difference. In these situations, learning how to prevent your windows from fogging will keep you safe.

Remember to always carry an emergency kit with you in case you have a minor injury. It’s always best to be overprepared in those situations, especially when you’re out on the road and far from home.

Plan Your Route

Planning your route with the help of a mapping app will help you get to where you need to be. Some apps even provide real-time information about traffic accidents and congestion. If there’s snow or ice on the road, avoid taking streets that are too steep. But if you must take those slippery slopes, never slow down while going uphill. If your route is too long-winded and hazardous, you might need to choose different alternatives to stay safe on the road while driving in the winter.

Keep Your Distance

It is not uncommon for cars to slide and run into each other, causing minor fender benders. Normally, you must keep a minimum distance of 6 feet between you and the car in front of you, but with icy roads, it’s best to keep at least double the distance. A good rule of thumb is that you should be far away enough to see the other vehicle’s back tires. In winter, driving is tricky regardless of your driving experience, and you must stay alert and pay attention to stay safe on the road.

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