6 Ways to Celebrate Birthdays This Spring

Birthdays represent a time to celebrate the people in your life that mean a lot to you. It’s like christmas, but even better because you get to focus in on one special person at a time. For some people, birthdays are some of their favorite occasions of the year. The chance to thoughtfully give gifts that show love and appreciation is something they look forward to. For others, the anxiety of not knowing wht to buy or how to shop for birthdays can make these annual occurrences less then thrilling. 

The good news, is that for both the birthday enthusiast and the ones that are more reticent, these are 6 ways to celebrate birthdays this year that can’t go wrong. 

The Thought Really Does Count

Before getting into the 6 ways you can celebrate birthdays this spring, you need to remember that the thought behind gifts really does count. This goes for the person who is naturally gifted at giving good gifts and the person that isn’t. 

No matter where you stand on that spectrum, when you go out of your way to do something special for the people that you love and that love you, it matters. So this year, say goodbye to any kind of worry or pent up anxiety when it comes to getting the ‘perfect’ birthday gift. Focus on how much you love these special people, and then do your best to show them that and have fun! 

  1. The Birthday Song Matters

Now, one thing that everyone is familiar with when it comes to birthdays is the infamous birthday song. However, there is something better then just singing happy birthday for a loved one, becasue you can actually find the best birthday song for each person. 

Yes, you will most likely go classic when the cake is out the and candles are burning, but there are birthday songs you can theme the party soundtrack and even party theme to. Everything from Madonna’s B’day Song, Katy Perry’s iconic, Birthday, and much more can shape the special occasion. What’s more, is that with uDiscoverMusic, you can search from a huge catelouge of online vinyls to find the very best birthday gift if your loved one or friend is a music lover. 

  1. Make It a Party

What screams celebration more then music festivals and raves. This spring, let your inner wild out with the festival outfits on the market. Specifically designed for fun under the sun, and to keep you cool and partying, these outfits aren’t just incredibly cute, sexy, and trendy, but they are great quality. There’s no reason you can’t throw a spring bash for your loved one that will go on to become the thing of legend.

What’s more is that if your loved one is an avid music lover and has plans to hit a few festival circuits, these festival clothes can make an awesome gift on their own. So whether you want to throw a music festival themed party, or you just want to support your friend or loved one’s passion for live events, festival outfits and women’s summer outfit ideas can be a huge hit. 

  1. Give a Gift That Keeps Giving

For anyone who’s become an adult, there’s this strange thing that happens where you begin to love practical gifts at holidays and special events. Where as a child you may have been completely disappointed and bored by something practical and useful, when you receive a gift with real function as an adult it’s exhilarting. 

That’s because life get’s more complicated and busy the older you get, and there just typically isn’t enough time in the day for everything you need to get done. However, when it comest easy meals to make at home, you can give a powerful gift that keeps giving. Giving a gift that helps minimize the headache of shopping for quality ingredients that will make incredible dishes is an awesome gift to give. It allows your loved one to have fresh recipes, and then streamlines the process of turning those recipes into homemade masterpieces. Who wouldn’t love that?!

  1. Fun Under The Sun

Okay, so one of the best parts of spring is always going to be the returning warmth. Winter is a beautiful season with a ton of benefits, however, by the time spring rolls around everyone is ready to shed a few layers and soak in those rays of sunshine. What better way to celebrate the new warmth and the approach of summer then with barbie pool floats.

These 70’s malibu beach culture inspired floats are the perfect thing for a late spring pool party. Everyone will want their socials to know about how good they look floating on a psychedelic print. Pool parties are already a blast, but theming a pool party with some wild 70’s culture is like a cherry ontop that you can’t pass up. 

  1. For the Those We Remember 

Brithdays hold a lot of significance and for those who have served in the armed forces, finding ways to dedicate their service is a beautiful thing. Giving the gift of a USA flag this spring is a gift that speaks to the honor, pride, and respect you have for your country and the sacrifices others have made. Not only that, but these high-quality American flags can be flown in memory of loved ones who gave the ultimate price or who served and have since passed on. 

  1. No Birthday Is Complete Without The Cake

Lastly, you can’t throw a birthday party without the cake. Milk Bar makes one of a kind, delicious hand crafted cakes that say ‘I love you’ like nobodys business. One of a kind and packaged and frozen with care, you can have a Milk Bar delivered anywhere in the country.

Did you forget about Mom’s birthday but she lives on the opposite coast? No worries, not only does Milk Bar have nation wide delivery, but with next-day delivery, you can make up for a birthday slipping your mind without anyone ever knowing any better. 

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