Acne Prevention Tips People With Glasses Need To Know About

Whether you’re new to wearing glasses or a long-time wearer, you may already know that wearing glasses can come with a few annoyances. Cleaning them, carrying them around, protecting them from damage, or even just adjusting to wearing them can be frustrating.

Acne Prevention Tips People With Glasses Need To Know About

While it’s important that you wear them, there’s one thing people forget to mention—your glasses can give you acne. If you’re getting blemishes where your frames touch your face, it’s likely from your glasses. Here are a few acne prevention tips people with glasses need to know about.

Clean Your Frames

You may already know the importance of cleaning your lenses, but cleaning your frames is just as important, especially where they touch your skin. Over the course of the day, dead skin, oil, and dirt will rub off your face and onto your glasses. When you put on your glasses without cleaning the frames, you reintroduce the same dirt from the days before.

That dirt, oil, and dead skin invade the pores on your face, which is one of the major causes of acne! When pores clog, they try to push out the gunk inside by flushing it out with oil, leading to the formation of whiteheads and blackheads. Cleaning the frames with soap and water or a little rubbing alcohol and paying special attention to the legs and the nose should do the trick.

Make Sure Your Glasses Fit Right

Sometimes your pores can clog if they don’t have room to breathe! If your glasses press onto your skin, especially on the nose pads or your ears, this pressure can also cause acne. Also, if your glasses rub the same spot over and over again because they’re too tight, your skin can become irritated and inflamed. You’ll want to adjust your glasses to make sure they fit right, even if they feel comfortable now.

Avoid making this adjustment on your own, though, and contact your eye doctor instead. They can help adjust your glasses perfectly without accidentally damaging them.

Wash Your Face

Washing your face twice a day and cleaning your glasses are the best ways to treat and prevent acne caused by glasses. While cleansing and moisturizing your skin is a great place to start, you may want to consider exfoliating your skin as well. Exfoliating has many benefits for your face and body, with one of the most important benefits being how well it eliminates dead skin. Because your glasses can cause dead skin to build up faster and stay on your skin longer, an exfoliator can help remove all that gunky build-up.

If you wear glasses, following these acne prevention tips can make your life easier and your skin clearer! Just remember to always test new skincare products on the back of your hand before putting them on your face. As always, talk to a doctor if these tips don’t help your acne.

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