Basic Woodworking Projects for Beginners

When it comes to hobbies, few are as hands-on, rewarding, and easy to pick up as woodworking. While it’s wise to take a class first or get instruction from someone who already has woodworking experience, many smaller woodworking projects can be done with a beginner’s skill level and tools. Invest in or borrow a hammer, saw, driver and drill, and sander, and skim the web for instructions. You’ll be able to knock out these basic woodworking projects for beginners in no time!

Basic Woodworking Projects for Beginners


Building a bookshelf is the essence of woodworking. Simple, strong, beautiful, and useful, a bookshelf can usually be knocked out in a few hours (not including painting or staining.) Bookshelves are a way to liven up your bedroom or living room and provide extra storage for books or other items you’d like to display.


The most basic but useful piece of furniture you can create is a bench. All you need is two pieces of lumber and a dozen or so screws. Decide how fancy you want to make your bench. Many bench designs best lend themselves to providing a small, portable, outdoor piece that you tote around and store when you’re finished. If you do build an outdoor bench, use treated wood—they’ll point it out to you at the lumber yard or hardware store. Treated wood can resist the warping and cracking effects of moisture and sunlight. It can also keep bugs from nibbling at your bench.


A frame is one of the easiest and best-looking things out of all the basic woodworking projects for beginners. If you have access to reclaimed wood—that is, wood recovered from an older item like a fence or barn—take advantage of its already cool-looking aged and rustic appearance. Frames are easy to build. Simply cut the wood and glue or nail it together in a frame pattern, paint or stain it, and set up a hanging wire in the back. Black and white photos look especially picturesque in these, and when done well they make great gifts.


Go old school with your woodworking by building a birdhouse. There are many plans available online and birds will feel honored to take up residence in the birdhouse you make. Remember to add drainage holes at the bottom as well as an easily removable back panel to clean the birdhouse once the birds have left to fly south. This is a cute and imaginative project that appeals to people and our feathered friends!

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