Best DIY Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Whether you’ve you’re trying to find a way to ask your crush to a school dance, your monthiversary is coming up, or you just want to do something nice for her, here are some nice one month anniversary wishes and the best DIY gifts for your girlfriend—because homemade gifts cost less and mean more.

Best DIY Gifts for Your Girlfriend

DIY Jewelry Holder

Jewelry is a women’s must-have accessory, other than being a great investment, they are lovely to wear. Jewelry is more than just eye candy since it can be easily converted to cash in pawn shops. If your crush loves to wear pretty jewelry but always leaves it in a tangled mess on her dresser, make her a jewelry holder. This one is simple and easy to do:

  1. Start with an old bowl, plate, or short vase. You can find cool ones at the thrift store!
  2. Choose a pretty spray paint color. Gold, silver, black, or white are always big hits!
  3. Have a parent help you set up a spray paint area and paint the item. Make sure the space is well ventilated, and wear a mask.
  4. Let the piece dry. While you wait for it to set, you can sprinkle on some glitter in your crush’s favorite color to make it more personal.

DIY Hair Accessory Rest

For the girl who takes her time doing her hair every morning, a DIY hair accessory rest for her curling iron, flat iron, and other heat-treatment accessories is a great gift! The steps are simple and easy to follow, and you can even use some of the extra pretty blue mosaic tile or subway tile laying around your house.

  1. Ask a parent if they have any extra tile they don’t need, or go to a store and get a nice tile sample to work with. Home improvement stores often have these for free or at a low cost.
  2. Use a permanent marker to write something sweet on the bottom of the tile. If you’re at a loss for words, a heart and “to: her name,” “from, your name,” should suffice.
  3. That’s it! Now your crush can lay down her hair straightener or curling iron without worrying about burning her countertops.

DIY Self-Care Kit

This one is the perfect gift for just before a big test. Help your girl relax by gifting her a mason jar filled with some of her favorite things. Here are some ideas to include in the self-care kit:

  • A new scrunchie
  • A bath bomb
  • A candle with her favorite scent
  • A facemask
  • A bottle of her favorite skincare item
  • Fuzzy socks
  • A new notebook and pen

No matter what you make her, she’s sure to love it. The time and effort you put into a gift are what really make it unique. Remember to include a handwritten note to make her feel extra special.

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