Career Paths for Future Airline Pilots

Being an airline pilot is an exciting career path, giving pilots an opportunity to see the world and have a career that is quite unique compared to most. There a few different career paths for future airline pilots to consider.

Career Paths for Future Airline Pilots

Becoming a Pilot

First things first, you must become a licensed pilot to begin your career. This is done through aviation training, whether in the form of a college degree program or a flight training school.

You will also have to go through medical testing to prove you are physically able to fly a plane. Once in the air, other people’s lives are in your hands, so there are rules and guidelines about physical conditions that one must adhere to.

After proper training and licensing, along with your airmen medical certificate, you can begin your career.

Major Airline

The option we most often think of, flying for a major airline is a common goal for many pilots—and with good reason.

Working for a major airline provides an opportunity to see the world. Many of them offer international travel. Pilots for these flights should prepare for a well-stamped passport but also spending many days away from home.

Charter Pilot

Also known as an “air taxi,” a charter pilot is hired by individuals or groups to fly passengers to a specific destination. Charter pilots can run their own operations or work for a charter company.

Law Enforcement Pilot

Working as a law enforcement pilot, you would support law enforcement efforts by piloting their helicopter, airplane, or jet.

A rigorous background screening process takes place before a pilot is hired for these types of positions.

Firefighting Pilot

Sometimes fires, such as a forest fire, require firefighting from above. That is where a firefighting pilot comes in. It is a dangerous job and definitely for those who seek adventure.

Airshow Pilot

Also referred to as a stunt pilot, this may be the riskiest of all pilot positions.

A stunt pilot performs acrobatics in the air in front of gasping crowds. As you can imagine, It takes a long time to become an airshow pilot. No one wants to see a pilot turn the plane upside down unless he has had proper training.

These are just a few career paths for future pilots to get your propellers spinning. Continue down the path of training and you’ll find the option that best suits you.

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