Doamygar-D the Complete Series: Now I’m Hungry

Funimation released Doamygar-D, The Complete Series on DVD this week. It is available at most major retailers and Amazon.

The series, which comes with Japanese subtitles, concerns the exploits of a young candy maker who discovers an enormous mecha (robot suit) in the basement of the sweets shop he inherited from his family. He soon finds himself in the position of having to save townspeople who have been turned into giant monster robots — by feeding them traditional Japanese sweets.

Official Summary:

“In modern day Kyoto, young Daijiro Kyougoku has finally taken over his family’s traditional Japanese sweets shop. One day, Daijiro comes across a mysterious candy-making robot named Doamygar-D hidden in the shop’s basement. When evil monster-like robots take over the city, Daijiro must man his newfound candy-making mecha to feed the insatiable hunger of these foes and turn them back into harmless humans. There has to be someone behind all these transforming treat-loving terrors, and that someone might be closer to Daijiro than he ever thought possible. Take food fights to the next level in this bite-sized homage to mecha anime of the past.”


When I first started watching the show, I was thoroughly confused due to there being some sort of history/trivia lesson about Japanese sweets displayed at the top of the screen while subs are displayed at the bottom. It was a lot to process. And then, as soon as the first episode began — it was over. That’s because each episode is only about three minutes long! So you get a little over 30 minutes total viewing time with this DVD, meaning you have to be kind of a hardcore fan of this anime to buy it for the same price as a full-length DVD.

As far as the story, it was fun. The premise of having to fight monster robots by carefully crafting and feeding them sweets, along with all the trivia about candy-making displayed at the top of the screen makes me feel this was produced to promote the candy industry in Japan. Let’s just say that by the end of the last episode, I had a serious jones for some gummy bears.


What we liked: The animation is done in a retro style, and even the cover art looks like it was folded and creased just like an old DVD might be. The mechas are cool.

What we didn’t like: Episodes are hecka short. The end credits theme gets stuck in your head after hearing it 13 times within a 30 minute period.

TWK Rating: 6 out of 10. Something a bit different.

Includes: Eps 1 – 13
Format: DVD
Languages: English
Subtitles: English
Rating: TV-PG
Aspect Ratio: 16×9
Main Feature Audio: Japanese Stereo (NO ENGLISH DUB!)
Main Feature Runtime: 33
Region: 1
Number of DVDs: 1
Studio: FUNimation
UPC: 704400017957



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