Indoor Activities for Teens To Do This Summer

Exam season is approaching, but the sweet victory of summer break is just around the corner. What are your plans? Are you going on family trips, exploring around the city, or staying lowkey and relaxing? 

Anytime you’re home with nothing to do, think about our list of four indoor activities for teens to do this summer to get your creative juices flowing and enjoy your break from school!

Indoor Activities for Teens To Do This Summer

Create a Playlist Full of Your Summer Jams

Did you know songs can help you remember a specific moment in your life? You might recall smells, tastes, or images when listening to particular tunes. Discover new or old songs that define your summer. Create a playlist full of your favorite summer jams to create unforgettable memories with your friends. You should ask your friends to make summer playlists, too. Then, you can all discover music together.  

Transform a Corner in Your Room Into an Art Studio

One of the best ways to kill time during the summer is to create a one-of-a-kind art piece. Get your creative juices flowing and turn a corner into an art studio in your room. When creating your home art studio, remember that it doesn’t have to be elaborate with countless tools and large canvases. Your art studio can just include some colored pencils and construction paper. Pick a corner in your room with great natural lighting and organize your art supplies there! 

Host a Cook-Off

Why not brush up on your cooking skills and try to cook these meals? Every day, you can head online to discover new recipes. Host a friend or family cook-off to show off your cooking abilities! It’s a fun way to learn how to cook or bake, and you’ll have the best time doing it with the people you love. 

Create a Book Club With Your Friends

We know reading for fun isn’t a popular hobby for some. However, it can be fun if you and your friends create a book club! The book doesn’t have to be challenging and should be an easy read. You and your friends can meet at each other’s house or via Facetime and discuss the chapters you read. It’s a fun activity for you and your friends to bond over. 

When you’re bored at home during your summer break, don’t scroll for endless hours on TikTok. Instead, try these four indoor activities for teens to do this summer to discover new (or old) music, become an artist, brush up your kitchen skills, and read! 

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