Maluma Concert and VIP Meet and Greet Review and Set List – Los Angeles

The 23-year-old Colombian Reggaeton singer, songwriter and record producer Maluma added to his sold out concert dates with stop in Los Angeles California on March 26th. Nothing to be too surprised of — after all, he sold out every city on his first official US tour, a total of 14 cities!

I was lucky to get to see Maluma perform this night, and even splurged for the VIP Meet and Greet package. If you are a Maluma fan, I bet you’d love to know how he is in concert. Well, I am about to tell you all about the experience, from meeting him to his entire show! Keep scrolling to read all the details.

maluma concierto
maluma concert3

Just before the concert he took time to meet and great some of his fans, including me. He took pictures with each person and even signed a poster for the lucky ones to take back home in a Maluma “goodie bag.”

My first complaint is about his security team. They were completely over the top. They did not let any of his fans take pictures with their own phones, but made them use only the photo service they had in the location. The pictures may be of a better quality, but in this day and age of instant gratification and fast turnaround this is not a good option for the tons of young followers that the singer has. The photos were promised to be available online to download at full resolution within three days. THREE DAYS! That’s a lifetime to a teenage girl. (in truth, they ended up going live in a day and a half, not too bad).

maluma concert2
maluma diana2
maluma concert vip

The second complaint is that you got to spend very little time with Maluma, it was like getting fast food — they rushed you through.

The third complaint is the extremely long wait to start the concert, which was a whole hour late.

Despite the minor meet and greet problems and the slow start, I must admit he rocked the show! His energy and charisma was contagious, and he knew how to work the crowd. He asked several times jokingly about how many women in the crowd were single: “El 90% de las mujeres son solteras esta noche, no lo puedo creer.” (90% of the women are single tonight, I can’t believe it). To which all the women started screaming!

“Y yo, soltero tambien.” (and I’m single too). All this with a very mischievous grin, getting the audience riled up.

Here is his concert set list, in case you missed it. Let me tell you — the crowd was totally into Maluma and got him to do two encores. No complaints about that. 🙂

Here are some video highlights from that night!:


“Nadie sabe
lo que he pasado
He trabajado fuerte
mi lugar me lo he ganado
Todos dicen que por mi imagen
he pegado
No hay soberbia
Miren los resultados (BIS)
Existe el que te admira y el que no también, pero lo negativo lo dejo en el reten
Con mi conciencia limpia porque siempre hago el bien y con Dios de la mano yo sigo en este tren
Ponte en mis zapatos y no me critiques y si vas a hacerlo, quiero que me expliques
Soy con quien sueña tu novia, no puedes negarlo por mi te derrites
Siempre la paso bien, viviendo en un hotel
Millones de fanáticos, que más puedo merecer”



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CHANTAJE (Shakira pre-recorded vocals)

VENTE PA’ CA(Ricky Martin pre-recorded vocals)
He repeated La Curiosidad and then asked one of the guys working with him to find him a “mamacita” who he could serenade. He sang to her, and there even was a little kiss action, but somehow I don’t think she minded. But anyway, come on pretty boy, let’s be a little more careful out there with the kissing. Germs, ya know. 😉



“CHANTAJE” a second time

LA BICICLETA REMIX(Carlos Vives and Shakira pre-recorded vocals)
At what we thought was the end of the concert he thanked everyone for supporting him, as well as thanking God for everything. He and his band left the stage.

No one moved and he returned for an encore. He sang the following three songs acapella, including the Cosculluela rapping part:




At this time his band returned to the stage and backed Maluma for the next two songs:

“GYAL YOU A PARTY ANIMAL” (Charly Black pre-recorded vocals)


He left once more, but a second encore was needed as NO ONE, seriously no one was leaving the arena.

After screaming “Pretty Boy Dirty Boy” by the audience as guided by one of the band members, Maluma came out and sang his last song of the night wearing a red robe with black prints and matching red pants that allowed us see his well-formed abs. Girls went wild screaming. His song of choice? One of the songs that has created a bit of controversy around the singer.


Over all the concert was on point.

maluma concert1

Maluma gave props and introduced all his band members and backup singers, and he kept the energy high always. The dancers did an amazing job and Maluma did show us both sides: his pretty boy and his dirty boy as well.

Highly recommend going to see him next time he’s in town.

22 thoughts on “Maluma Concert and VIP Meet and Greet Review and Set List – Los Angeles”

  1. I ve found VIP tickets for Maluma in London. But i’m very uncertain .
    I was wondering If VIP tickets Does include the Meet and greet or not?
    Because It Sais just “VIP tickets “ , and i can’t see anything for Meet and greet! What do u think?

  2. Just wondering, how did Maluma pick a fan to sing to?? Did he just pick randomly from the audience in the first row?

    Would you say it’s more worth it to buy a really front ticket or to splurge on a regular price ticket + meet and greet?

    Thank you so much in advance!!! <3

    1. It’s best to do a met and great and reg seat.

      He picks before hand. I’m assuming from the VIP met and great. They are several “levels”

      But if you can do both sure. Front seat must be nice but I didn’t had front seat and enjoy the concert plenty

      1. Thanks for the reply! Did they send you details about the meet and greet after you purchased it? I haven’t received anything about when and where it is happening D: Also, were you able to have a quick word with him at all? Were you allowed to bring a gift or the security takes away everything?

        Thanks again >_<

        1. You should get instructions the day before the meet and greet. You don’t get much time, just a quick photo and that’s it. I don’t know about gifts, didn’t try…

  3. I also bought a ticket for my daughter for a Meet and Greet for his Fame concert at MSG in NY. We received the receipt but that’s it. We don’t know at what time and where is the meet and greet, no information at all.

    1. I also purchased a meet and greet ticket from Maluma online website for his upcoming concert in Texas and have not received anything via email or mail. How did you end up going to the meet and greet event without receiving your meet and greet pass?

  4. I bought 4 meet and greet passes and I got a confirmation that the payment went through, but I never got any information on the tickets via email or anything else online. Did anyone else have this problem?

  5. I’m trying to purchase a meet and greet ticket and it is asking me for my identification number. Do you know exactly what that is? Because i have no idea and I’ve been trying to contact his team and I’m not getting any responses 🙁 is it supposed to be my social?

    1. Don’t remember being asked for this. Have you tried your ticket number, or ticket order confirmation number? Sorry…

    1. The vip was about $250, paid separate from the concert ticket. He uses a service call omgvip to sell the vip ticket and included merchandise. This is per person, no guests.

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