Older Teens Should Consider These 4 Serious Topics

What should young adults and older teenagers be thinking about if they want to build a solid financial and social future? There are dozens of subjects that could qualify for such a roster, but four items stand out. Besides the most obvious one, a career path, the others are credit ratings, earning a college degree, and establishing a healthy lifestyle. Consider the following details.

teen credit


The career you choose has a profound impact on everything you do from now until, and even after, retirement. Don’t leave the decision to an emotional whim or the fact that you want to imitate what an older friend does. Instead, consult a vocational counselor and take a set of aptitude tests to get a clear idea of where your innate talents lie.

Credit Ratings

Fortunately, most teens know about the importance of having good credit. Few understand the mechanics of improving scores or establishing a new score from scratch. It’s a fact of life that young adults tend to have non-existent credit bureau files. That’s what it means to have no credit, as opposed to low credit. However, it’s essential for older teenagers to learn how to build up their files and establish a solid rating with TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax, the three largest reporting agencies.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have above-average scores to engage in just about any financial transaction. That list includes major lifestyle moves like buying a first car or home, renting property, borrowing money for a college degree, or taking out a personal loan. The three-digit number issued by the bureaus plays a pivotal role in your ability to enjoy life, make major purchases, and buy things without having to make huge down payments. Today is the time to get started on building your credit score, even if you have a brief financial history or none.


Choose educational institutions carefully. Use one of the major guidebooks and speak with an academic counselor who specializes in guiding young people toward schools where they can perform well and gain substantial career skills. If you’re looking to save money and perhaps work while attending school, consider an online college that lets you take self-paced courses. Always make sure any school you consider is fully accredited by national agencies.

Building Healthy Habits

For many adolescents, those last few years of teenage life are a time of massive change in every aspect of their activities. This extends beyond getting fit in your teens, there are many other areas of health to pay attention to at this stage. The lucky ones will have an awakening experience and realize that the most propitious time to create life-long health habits is right now. What does the revelation mean? It is a point of transition for millions of maturing youths who come to accept the fact that tobacco use, over-indulgence in alcohol, and substance abuse have no place in a successful career or life trajectory.

What’s the wisest way to begin? Speak with a trusted adult, like a parent, school counselor, family doctor, or member of the clergy, to get pointers about how to leave the immature, damaging habits behind and move forward into responsible, healthful adulthood. Don’t let self-destructive behaviors delay your right to a rewarding, fulfilling career and future.

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