Peyton List’s HALLU by Peyton bath & beauty line is just ‘dreamy’

Peyton List, best known by millions of fans as Emma Ross on the Disney hit shows Jessie and Bunk’d has joined the swelling ranks of actresses/influencers stepping into the world of beauty products with the HALLU by Peyton bath & beauty line.

“With my new bath collection, there’s a bit about me in each of the products, from the forms to the fragrance, to all the things I love to do,” Peyton says.

The Village Company HALLU Product Line

We received a sample kit at Teens Wanna Know’s main office, which was promptly divvied up by staffers and the reviews are definitely on the positive side! “Dreamy,” “smell great,” “lovely” were some of the adjectives used. Here are some pics we took and a breakdown of the products in the collection:

IMG 1624
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Top Trending Forms and Fragrance
The HALLU by Peyton collection includes five top-trending forms with a sweet, light, floral scent featuring ylang ylang, cedar and citrus.

Geode Bath Bomb: Peyton’s love of geodes—the latest hot trend infiltrating everything from beauty to home décor—made creating a geode bath bomb an easy choice. A vibrant hot pink exterior surrounds a mix of brightly colored, shimmering salt crystals with a dusting of golden mica. Simply float the bath geode crystal side up in your tub for a delightful and fragrant soak. The 3-ounce geode bath bombs start at $3.57 and will be available at Walmart, Kroger and Fred Meyer.

Interlocking 2-in-1 Shower and Bath Bombs: Everybody loves a two-for-one, and this adorable, interlocking shower and bath bomb delivers double the fun. Opposing pink and gray halves join to form a heart shape. The pink side is the 3-ounce bath bomb that comes with a surprise color burst as it dissolves in the tub. The gray side is the 2.5-ounce shower bomb which Peyton likes for a quick pampering session when there isn’t time to soak in the tub. Turn on the water and set the shower bomb under the stream to release the fragrance. The Interlocking 2-in-1 Bomb set starts at $4.97 and will be available at Walmart, Kroger and Fred Meyer.

Silky Soft Bubble Bath: Experience the finest pink-carpet pampering with HALLU by Peyton’s Silky Soft Bubble Bath. Made with hydrating oils and vitamin E, it creates insane bubbles while filling the air with amazing fragrance. It’s cruelty-free, gluten-free, non-toxic and made in the USA. The 17-ounce Silky Soft Bubble Bath starts at $4.97 and will be available at Walmart, Kroger and Fred Meyer.

Heart of Gold Bath Bomb: A lightable candle comes nestled in this gold, heart-shaped bath bomb. Light it, float it, then sit back and relax as the bomb dissolves into soft, shimmering rose gold water. Free of gluten, phthalates and parabens, this bomb is the ultimate in tub-time relaxation. The 2.8-ounce Heart of Gold Bath Bomb retails at Walmart for $2.97.

XO Bath Bomb: Take a soak in peaceful pink waters, then go make your mark on the world with the XO Bath Bomb. Each of these floating & spinning bath bombs has 5 fun metallic tattoos inside, designed by Peyton herself! The 4.9-ounce Bath Bomb retails at Walmart for $2.97.

In addition to Peyton’s release, there is also the HALLU Cosmic collection, “inspired by those seeking deeper insight and self-identity through the Cosmos, the collection is a source of indulgent bath and body products that are out of this world. From bath and shower bombs to shimmering body lotion, the line features the uplifting fragrances of ginger, ocean and orchid.

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IMG 1635

Star Power Bath Bomb Mix: This unique foaming & fizzing bath bomb mix releases uplifting fragrance and softens skin with nourishing coconut oil. Tiny sugar stars dissolve into the water, leaving a trail of rich, hypnotic beauty worthy of top #bathsofinstagram status. The 10-ounce mix is equivalent to six bath bombs and will be available at Walmart, Kroger and Fred Meyer. The bath bomb mix starts at $4.97.

Interlocking 2-in-1 Shower and Bath Bombs: Take your shower or bath to new heights with the two-in-one shower and bath bomb combo. Wrap yourself in the uplifting, cool vapors of the shower bomb or add wonder and light to your bath water with a floating cosmic-shaped bath bomb featuring gorgeous, shimmering mica. The Interlocking 2-in-1 Shower and Bath Bomb set starts at $4.97, available at Walmart, Kroger and Fred Meyer.

Moon Float Milk Bath: Escape into warm waters filled with rich, cloud-like bubbles, skin-softening coconut oil and moisturizing vitamin E. The 17-ounce Moon Float Milk Bath will be available exclusively at Walmart for $4.97.

Cosmic Bath Bomb: Take self-care to the next level with our Cosmic Bath Bomb. Sit back, relax and let your mind travel to a faraway galaxy as you surround yourself with rich, majestic colors and uplifting fragrance. The Cosmic Bath Bomb retails for $2.97. Find it exclusively at Walmart.

Lunar Shimmer Body Lotion: Experience out-of-this-world hydration with the moisturizing blend of jojoba and sunflower seed oil. Breathe in the bright, uplifting fragrance bursting with notes of ginger, ocean and orchid while an iridescent shimmer leaves your skin glowing with gorgeous radiance. The body lotion is sold exclusively at Walmart for $4.97.

Geode Bath Bomb: These sparkling salt-crystal half-circles come in trending geode form with a colorful exterior and shimmering crystals and mica at the center. Melt away stress with one of three varieties: Calmology for peaceful vibes, Creativity for unique vibes and Zenergy for tranquil vibes. Each Geode Bath Bomb is available at Kroger and Fred Meyer for $3.99.

The collections are available now in Walmart stores and online at, as well as select Kroger and Fred Meyer stores.


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