Steps to Order a Skip Bin Successfully: A Comprehensive Guide

When you’re decluttering your home, working on the renovation or cleaning up your yard the skip bin can aid you in getting rid of the garbage quickly and effectively. The process of ordering skip bins can appear like a daunting job even if you’ve not had the opportunity to do it before. However, just by following steps to order a skip bin successfully, you’ll be able to order the skip bin from reliable and effective service providers like AOT Skip Bins with confidence and have it done in a hassle-free manner.

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Decide on the size of skip bin you require

The first step to ordering the right skip bin is to identify the dimensions you need. Skip bins are available in various sizes, ranging from tiny 2 cubic meters all the way to huge 12-cubic meters. Take into consideration the amount of waste you’re able to dispose of and the space available for the bin. You can check the website of the company’s skip bin to find out the available sizes and capacity.

Know what you shouldn’t put in your skip bin.

Prior to ordering the skip bin, it’s important to be aware of what you can and cannot put into the bin. The companies that offer skip bins have distinct rules and rules, and it’s essential that you adhere to these rules in order to avoid incurring additional costs. The most common prohibited items include asbestos, hazardous waste chemicals, liquids, and batteries. Check out the company’s website or contact an agent from customer service to find out what items aren’t allowed in the garbage bin.

Pick a reliable skip bin business that you can trust.

After you’ve determined the size of your skip bin and what kind of trash you’d like to eliminate The next step is to find a reliable skip bin service. Find a company that has a great reputation within the market that has competitive pricing, and has a solid track record of customer service. Check the website of the company for reviews and ratings , or solicit suggestions from friends and family.

Reserve the skip bin

If you’ve chosen the company that offers skip bins The next step is to reserve your skip. It is possible to do this via the internet or by phone. The company will need specifics of the trash you’re looking to dispose of, the amount of the skip , and the time you need it to last for. The company will provide you with a price and confirm your appointment.

Find the best location for the skip bin.

When the skip bin arrives ensure that the area is ready to accommodate the container. The bin must be set on a flat and level surface, preferring in a driveway, or hard surface. Be sure that there is enough space available for the truck to reach the area as well as drop it off.

Make sure you fill the skip bin

Once you have the skip bin it is time to begin filling it with waste. Be sure to place the garbage inside the bin and not on top of it. Filling the bin too full is not allowed and can lead to costs that are not included. Respect the guidelines and rules set forth from the skip container firm. Don’t throw away anything that is prohibited.

Plan the pick-up time

If you’re ready to have the skip bin taken away make a reservation for the pickup with the company that handles skip bins. It’s possible to do this online or by phone. Give the company the time and date of the pickup and they will make arrangements for the bin’s removal. taken away. Be sure that the bin isn’t overfilled and is easily accessible by the vehicle.

Pay the amount on the bill

After the bin is removed after which the company that is removing it will issue you with an invoice. You must pay the bill in time so that you don’t incur any additional costs. Pay the bill online or by phone.


Ordering skip bins can be simple when you follow these easy steps. Decide how big a skip container that you require and know what you can and shouldn’t put into the bin, pick an experienced skip bin business to reserve the skip bin and prepare the area of the skip bin then fill the bin with skips, schedule the pickup and pay for the cost. Following these steps, you’ll be able to guarantee a pleasant experience when placing an order for the skip bin. 

Make sure you follow the guidelines and rules set forth by the company providing the skip bin and refrain from disposal of items that are prohibited. If you’re not sure about something do not hesitate to reach out to the customer service staff for assistance. Working together with them, you can ensure that the process of purchasing a skip bin is easy and hassle-free.

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