The Top Four Strangest Dinosaurs to Ever Exist

If the concept of evolution were a person, they would definitely be considered a mad scientist! The way certain creatures evolved made them look and act seriously strange, and dinosaurs are no exception. Some of these fearsome creatures looked so unusual that scientists could hardly believe they were real. With this list of the top four strangest dinosaurs to ever exist, you may just find your new favorite animal!

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The Carnotaurus Sastrei

The Carnotaurus sastrei was a vicious carnivore that stood 30 feet tall, could weigh up to 4,000 pounds, and could run as fast as 20 miles per hour. Above its deep-set eyes were two thick, large horns that almost looked like funny eyebrows, and it had teeth that could easily crush bone.

Interestingly enough, this dinosaur had forelimbs, sort of like what we know as arms, with four to five fingers. The strangest thing about this dinosaur? Its arms were extremely tiny, and when compared to its size, it had the smallest forelimbs in the entire animal kingdom!

The Halszkaraptor

The Halszkaraptor was a dinosaur that scientists could hardly believe was real when they examined the fossil. We know now that dinosaurs were very similar to birds, but this dinosaur looked so much like a bird that some scientists thought it was fake.

Upon further inspection, this tiny raptor had a swan-like neck and a duck-like beak, and its forelimbs were flippers used for swimming. Part of what makes this dinosaur so surprising is that it is considered semi-aquatic and one of the very few dinosaurs that lived on water. Think of this dinosaur as the duck’s earliest ancestor.

The Kosmoceratops

The Kosmoceratops was an herbivorous dinosaur with an average weight of 2,400 pounds and an average height of 15 feet. Much like its ceratopsian relatives—think triceratops—this elephant-sized creature had 10 to 15 massive horns on its head!

The horns above its eyes looked much like bull horns. However, the main cluster of horns on top of its head curled downward, making it appear as though it was wearing a gigantic crown. It’s unknown why the Kosmoceratops evolved this huge frill, but scientists think it has something to do with attracting a mate or warning others of incoming danger.

The Mamenchisaurus

The Mamenchisaurus rivals the massive giraffe-like size and length of the Brachiosaurus. The Brachiosaurus was 82 feet high and weighed about 99,000 pounds, but the Mamenchisaurus was somehow even bigger. The Mamenchisaurus was 85 feet tall with a neck as long as 115 feet, and although it weighed less than the Brachiosaurs (about 60,000 pounds), it had the longest neck in all the animal kingdom. Without a doubt, this dinosaur rivals the massive size of the Brachiosaurus and is arguably one of the strangest dinosaurs to ever exist. Imagine having a body half the size of your neck!

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