Ways To Surprise Your Best Friend on Their Birthday

Out of all the people in the world, you and your best friend met each other and developed a bond that’s unbreakable. When it comes to celebrating your BFF’s birthday, you know what they like, dislike, and generally want for their birthday. But nothing’s better than surprising them with something they wouldn’t expect. If you’re having trouble thinking of the ultimate birthday gift, here are ways to surprise your best friend on their birthday.

Ways To Surprise Your Best Friend on Their Birthday

Surprise Them With Matching T-Shirts

The best way to surprise your best friend on their birthday is to create matching t-shirts with your friends and wear them on your BFF’s birthday. The shirts can include a funny meme or picture of your best friend with text that reads, “Happy Birthday, [their name]!” Your best friend will be so surprised to see you and your friends walking around with matching shirts.

If you don’t want to include a funny picture, you can always create t-shirts using heat transfer vinyl. With the help of an adult guardian or professional, you can customize your t-shirts with different stickers and pictures that remind you of your best friend.

Shout Them Out on the School News

If your best friend’s birthday is during the school year, shout them out on the daily news at your school! Every school has an intercom or television broadcast that gives teachers and students a rundown of school activities, deadlines, and opportunities. If you can, ask someone who’s in charge of these announcements if they could wish your best friend a very happy birthday.

Decorate Their Car With Birthday Wishes

If your bestie has a car, they’ll never expect to see birthday wishes on their car door. Using washable car markers, you and your friends can write birthday wishes all over the vehicle (except the front window, of course). On the back window, write your best friend’s Cashapp or Venmo username so that others can easily buy them lunch!

Surprise Them With Their Favorite Foods

Who doesn’t love a good picnic or dinner party? After school or on the weekend, you and your friends should plan a party centered around your best friend’s favorite foods. Everyone can bring a dish that your best friend loves and have a small feast. This is a great way to bond and create precious memories.

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