5 Fast Facts with performer La’Ron Hines

La’Ron Hines is an actor/model/ recording artist/singer/songwriter from North Hollywood, CA. He has been working in the entertainment business since about eight years old. Currently, he works as a model for Hollister Co. and collabs with Fashion Nova as well.

La’Ron recently released his single “Lit” which is available on all streaming platforms. Lit was also used in the newly released movie “Next Level.” You can stream it here: https://song.link/i/1475989861

Here’s 5 fast facts about La’Ron!

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His favorite showbiz moment so far is going on tour.

One of my most special moments I have had the opportunity to experience is my first opportunity to go on tour. The tour allowed me the opportunity to show off my skills on stage and it also allowed me the opportunity to get better at my craft. I went to 17 different cities and it was a moment to remember. I was able to engaged with current fans and definitely got the opportunity to gain more.

He’s never been bullied!

I personally haven’t experienced being bullied. Of course, I have had some things said to me that I didn’t necessary like, but nothing that I would consider being bullied because it was never a repeated behavior by one single person. So, I must admit, I am very thankful that my parents taught me how to handle people in such a way that it never got a chance to lead to being bullied.

The best advice I can give to anyone being bullied is always reach out to an adult. Even if you are scared of what the bully might do because you talk to an adult, do it anyway. Most times the adult can put an immediate end to the bullying. But I also strongly recommend that you should always be yourself and never change to conform to someone just to avoid being bullied.

He almost lost a finger because he liked a girl.

My most embarrassing moment that I can remember the most is the time I saw a very cute girl as I was getting out of my uber. Of course, I was trying to get out in a hurry so that I could find a way to make conversation with her and as I was getting out, I wasn’t watching what I was doing and slammed my finger in the door. The pain was unreal and of course I was so embarrassed. After that, I couldn’t find the nerve to approach the girl. I just hurried inside so I could experience the pain in private. It hurt so bad.

He’s fitness goals.

I use to weigh 290 pounds in when I was in grades 8th-10th grade. Once I decided to pursue my career further, I knew I needed to lose weight to be able to perform on stage and deal with all the running around that goes with this career. So, I took it upon myself to focus on a diet and workout plan and I managed to lose 100 pounds! And yes, I feel good and plan to lose a few more.

He did something almost IMPOSSIBLE for any teenager to do.

I deleted snapchat because I used it entirely too much. I found myself to consumed in snap streaks and trying to compete with others just to have a high number of streaks.

laron hines

Instagram: www.instagram.com/laronhinesoffical

Tik Tok: laronhinesoffical

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/laronhinesofficial

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJKLChtMb0Sq2N9LQCGqGYQ

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5717700/

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