Common Oral Health Annoyances With Simple Solutions

Everyone needs to take care of their dental hygiene. Even if you are reasonably vigilant, odds are that you’re going to encounter some common issues at some point. Don’t worry, though – many have relatively simple ways to fix the problem.

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Bad Breath

Bad breath will attack everybody at some point in your life – even if just after eating some garlic bread. If you find yourself habitually creating your own biohazard zone in the space in front of your face, fear not! There are many simple and effective ways to treat it. Make sure that you’re brushing and flossing your teeth thoroughly twice a day. Brush your tongue as well – or even better, use a tongue scraper to remove gunk. Mouthwash can help immensely. Try to eat fresh produce like fruits and veggies in between meals. Even sugarless gum or candy can help. If the problem persists, you should consult with your dentist to see if there is a deeper problem.

Canker Sores

If you have a strange, small wound that opens up inside of your mouth – that’s a canker sore. They can stem from a variety of causes and can be found anywhere in your mouth (although the corners of the lips are a common spot for development). They are not contagious whatsoever, but they certainly can make basic functions like eating to be quite an ordeal. They tend to heal by themselves in a few days or weeks – but if the pain is too great, you can seek out medication to help. Some creams and gels can help reduce the pain related to canker sores, and can probably be found at your local pharmacy. Some topical gels 


Most people will get toothaches at some point in their lives. If yours is occurring constantly, you should consult a dentist. The solution may be simple, or it may be more complicated. A cavity, for example, will require some straightforward and routine dental work that will nevertheless vary a bit in how invasive the procedure is. A similar situation will occur for a chipped or fractured tooth. If you constantly clench or grind your jaw, your dentist may need to talk to you about changing your unconscious habits.

Oral health is not something to take lightly. Many people put their dental hygiene on the back burner, only to discover much later that they regret being a little too relaxed. Give your mouth the care and attention it deserves, and you’ll be okay.

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