Crucial Financial Topics They Don’t Teach You in School

Crucial Financial Topics They Don’t Teach You in School

Managing your finances is an important part of being an adult and contributing to society. You need to work to earn a living, but you also have many financial tools that can help you grow wealth and manage your finances properly. Crucial financial topics they don’t teach you in school are compound interest, retirement savings, and taxes.

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Compound Interest

According to the Daily Collegian, compound interest is an important tool that can help you grow your wealth. It makes a big difference when you start young. Compound interest is based on the original amount (principal) and the interest earned from each period. The longer your money sits, the more money you will make because you are earning on the interest. Therefore, starting early is so important, so you can let your money sit while you continue to add to it each month. This will allow you to generate more wealth.  

Retirement Saving

Starting early with retirement savings is very important. Retirement saving allows you to generate wealth over time so that you can retire and be able to cover the costs of living. Even if you start small and gradually increase as your wages increase, it will be more worthwhile than waiting. A 401(k) is a retirement saving tool and is usually provided by employers. This can be especially beneficial to contribute to if your employee matches your contributions. According to Franchise Gator, a 401(k) can also help you save enough to start your own business.


Taxes are an important part of your finances. These are an essential part of your finances because when you work and earn money, you are required to pay taxes to contribute to society. There are so many misunderstandings of taxes that many people will utilize software or will pay a professional to do their taxes for them. Even lower income individuals are turning to professional or paid software, which for a household that makes $55,000 a year or less can take a significant portion of earnings. Hiring a professional to do taxes can cost on average $200.    

Learning about financial topics while you are young can be beneficial because the sooner you start managing and investing your money, the better. Crucial topics they don’t teach you in school are compound interest, retirement saving, and taxes. Learning these and implementing them can help you save and grow your money so you can be financially stable.

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