How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Play Sports

Your teenage years are a great time to get into sports and use them to be fit and make friends. Sometimes though, parents are hesitant to let their teens participate in sports for a variety of reasons. If you are in this position, here are a few tips that can help you to convince your parents to let you play sports.

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Understand the No

One of the biggest mistakes teens make when their parents say no is getting frustrated and not taking time to figure out the why behind the no. When you know why your parents are saying no, it is easier to figure out a solution to your problem and help them change their no into a yes. According to Sports Engine, sometimes parents say no to sports because they are worried about your safety. Sometimes it is an expense issue. If you know why they are saying no, you can offer solutions, like letting them know what safety precautions you will take or working odd jobs to pay for the sport’s costs yourself.

Explain Yourself with Facts

When your parents tell you no, it is easy to get emotional, but that usually isn’t your best strategy. If you approach your parents with facts, you are much more likely to help them change their minds. It is also a good idea to validate their feelings, so they feel understood. Then you can go into the facts of the situation so you can help them to feel more confident in your ability to stay safe and focused when you add sports to your schedule. If they are worried about safety, sharing facts about safety precautions can help. For example, according to Stellar Kids Dentistry, mouthguards are designed to prevent mouth injuries.

Show Them Your Passion

Sometimes parents are worried that their kids will get bogged down by the extra work sports can add. Showing your parents that you are passionate about the sport can help to relieve this worry. Talk to your parents about what you enjoy about the sport and why it is important to you. According to Team Travel Source, when they understand your passion, they are much more likely to let you pursue it.

If you love playing sports, you deserve a chance to pursue your passion. Convincing your parents that you should have that chance can be a challenge but remember that they want what is best for you. With that in mind, you can make a great argument and show them that you’re serious about your passions.

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