How to Make Sure You Land Your First Job

Your first job is an exciting step forward in your life. You’ll be able to learn how to work with other people in uncomfortable areas. But you’ll never be able to learn anything if you can’t even get the job in the first place.

Find References

When applying for jobs in the future, you’ll be able to use previous employers as references. Obviously, you can’t currently do that! But it is still important that you find some. References show that there are people who you have helped in the past, people who can vouch for some of your positive values – work ethic, character, intelligence, etc. You can use any individual who knows your worth. That can include teachers, youth leaders, supervisors of institutions you’ve volunteered for, and even family or friends that you’ve worked for or with in the past. Make sure to communicate. Ask if they are okay with you putting down their contact information as a reference.

Clean Up Your Social Media

People’s lives are so tied up with social media nowadays that you might not realize just how much junk your timelines might have on them. But that is the exact reason that employers tend to try and check your accounts. Half of employers screen social media accounts of potential employees. This means that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tik Tok content that is connected with your name in any way is free game. Even if it’s not connected with your name – there is still a risk. Go through your accounts and delete any posts that might be embarrassing, inappropriate, or off-putting for an employer.

Know What to Expect

Most entry-level jobs go like this: you submit a resume or an application of some kind to the institution in question. If they feel that they might have a place for you, they’ll contact you for an in-person interview. This is the truly critical step – when they get to see you face-to-face. Wear appropriate clothing for the interview. Smile and make eye contact. Don’t be too stressed! It’s not something that should be that big of a deal, so there’s no reason to freak out. You should prepare and make sure that you are expecting the right kinds of questions that they will be asking.

First-time applications, resumes, interviews, and jobs are all learning opportunities whether or not you get them. Make sure to remember that your worth and your skills are not dependent on the outcome. And when you do get a job – give it your all if you want to get something out of it.

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