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How to Prepare for Your Life After High School

In a world of uncertainty, nothing is more dependable than the passing of time. Soon enough, and quicker than you might imagine, you will be finished with the protective bubble of high school and ready to wend your way out into the real world. The time to prepare is quickly running out, so start now if you haven’t already!

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Decide Your Next Moves

It may seem like the only choice you have next is to go to college. While college is an excellent next step for many young people, it isn’t necessarily for everyone. You do have other options. For example, you might want to join the armed forces and get an early start on a military career. 

Some people would rather go to a trade school and train to become a mechanic, electrician, plumber, carpenter, machinist, welder, landscaper, medical assistant, dental hygienist, and a heap of other lucrative and engaging trades. You might even decide to take a year or two off for an international service opportunity. Whatever you decide, now is the time to apply.

Learn Critical Skills

Becoming an adult (noun) means learning how to “adult” (verb)! There are a lot of critical life skills that you won’t learn in high school but that are essential for success in the world. Every adult, even the budding ones, should possess basic cooking, budgeting, housekeeping, life management, and social skills. 

You should also start putting your resume together now. A resume is critical for getting a job or even applying to college. Your resume should be clear, concise, focused, and centered around relevant experiences and accomplishments. 

Plan Your Finances

Make sure you know how you are going to pay for your next steps. Do you have a scholarship to the college of your choice? If not, can you still apply for one? Do you have a job? Have you saved up enough money to meet your needs? Will you get a job? Figure out what you will be required to cover and decide now how you will pay. You will grow exponentially if at least some of your personal expenses are up to you. 

Moving on from high school is an exciting time. The whole world is at your fingertips and you get to choose what you want to grab! Use that fresh outlook and excitement for life to propel you forward and upward. Now is the time to aim high and reach for your dreams!

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