How Your Life Changes After Braces

Getting braces won’t just change your teeth. By completing this orthodontic treatment, you have the opportunity for big changes in your life, including your confidence. If you’ve been considering beginning braces treatment, these are a few of the changes that will occur during the treatment.

Your Teeth Will Get Straighter

This is the biggest and most rewarding way that your life will change after getting braces. This orthodontic treatment is an opportunity for your self-confidence to grow. Many people find themselves self-conscious about their crooked teeth or jaw. While all smiles are beautiful, getting braces can help you get rid of those insecurities and develop more confidence in your smile. Straightening your teeth will also improve your oral health and make your teeth easier to clean. Any parts of your teeth that were difficult to reach because of misalignment can now be properly cleaned, leading to fewer cavities and dental problems. However, make sure to wear your retainer consistently after your treatment ends. If you ignore this step, your teeth could become misaligned again.

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Food Restrictions

Getting braces means limiting hard or sticky foods to avoid disrupting your treatment. Normally, when you eat these types of foods, there is a greater possibility that some of the food can become stuck in your teeth and attract cavity-causing bacteria. However, this likelihood increases when you get braces. Food particles can linger underneath brackets or around wires. These types of foods can also damage the metal. If you eat hard or sticky foods, your brackets could break and wires could become unattached. If you do break a bracket, get back in to see your orthodontist as quickly as possible. 

Oral Health Care

Because of the added machinery in your mouth, the way you care for your oral health also changes when you get braces. Instead of brushing your teeth twice a day, it’s important to brush after every meal. Be sure to take extra care cleaning around your brackets to avoid the negative effects of lingering food residue mentioned earlier. You should also continue to floss once per day. In order to properly navigate around the braces, consider purchasing a floss threader to get into those hard-to-reach places.

Braces, in and of itself, is a lifestyle change. By completing this treatment, you are permanently shifting your teeth and jaw into the proper place. To make sure your treatment goes as smoothly as possible, be sure to consider the lifestyle adjustments mentioned above.

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