Is Speeding Really That Big of a Deal?

There are hundreds of rules that govern driving, keeping everyone safe and on the same page to avoid accidents and injuries on the road. Many people consider themselves good and safe drivers, yet many of these same drivers do not heed every single rule of the road every single time they drive. One of the most common rules of the road that gets broken is following the speed limit. Most people hover a bit over the speed limit, and sometimes much over the speed limit while driving. So how big of a deal is speeding, really? Let’s find out.

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The Financial Burden of a Ticket

The first aspect of a ticket to consider when determining if speeding is a big deal is the financial burden of a ticket. Many people do not understand how costly speeding really is financially. The average speeding ticket costs $150, so if you are working a job that pays $15/hour, then you would have to work ten hours to pay that off, before considering taxes. Not to mention that tickets on your record can result in increases to your insurance costs, which add up significantly over time. Speeding tickets pose a major financial burden.

The Increased Risk of Accident and Injury

Another reason why speeding truly is a big deal is that speeding increases the risk of an accident or injury occurring while driving. Speed limits are not set arbitrarily, they are set at the safe speed for those roads. Enforcing a speed limit can prevent accidents from happening that otherwise would if someone were to lose control of their car because they were driving too fast or ended up unable to react to traffic in time. When speeding, you are more likely to get in an accident, and that accident is more likely to be severe or result in serious injury.

Decreased Fuel Mileage

The final reason why speeding is a bigger deal than you may think is that speeding can significantly decrease your fuel mileage. When you push your car to go faster, you must use more gas or energy to keep your car moving at that speed. This can decrease your fuel mileage and lead to using more gas, which is bad for both your wallet and the environment. When you follow the speed limit, you will get more miles to the gallon.

Many drivers don’t see speeding as a major issue. But speeding is a big deal. Consider these three factors the next time you think about speeding and consider the real cost of that choice.

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