The benefits of TV for young children

It is no debate that television is probably one of the most used electronic devices in the world, specifically when referring to all age groups. Sure, the smartphone dominates in the electronics market however, some age groups are unable to use these devices, particularly young children and the older generation. These two generations primarily resort to TVs for entertainment, and whilst it can be frowned upon letting young children spend hours in front of a TV, we believe that it can do them the world of good. Here we will discuss the benefits of TV for young children. 

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Learning facilities

What some people often forget is that children’s channels include learning activities. TV often has a misconception that it is filled with mind-boggling reality and useless fictional shows that cannot assist with learning and only consume our minds with trash. That can be argued as correct with some adult TV shows however, children’s shows incorporate forms of learning through the animated content which includes literacy, math, and arts and crafts as well as many other educational aspects that can assist children with improving their communication and social skills. Freeview services, through aerial TV, offer a few channels such as CBeebies and Citv which provide a range of educational content throughout all hours of the day which are also free of charge. For assistance with TV aerial installation,

Introduction to culture

Culture is infused into society and through children’s entertainment, producers have been able to involve different races and cultures to demonstrate the diversity within the world. Even here in 2021, our society is still seeing the effects of racial inequality and injustice through uneducated individuals. Therefore, if we can impose and highlight cultural diversity on children from a young age, we will perhaps see an end to it in the long run. Through TV programmes, young kids can view different countries, languages, races, behaviours, and heritages from a young age through their TV, which is extremely beneficial.

Inexpensive method of learning and entertainment 

As explained, the digital TV services in the UK is free of charge, and TVs manufactured after the year 2010 have a Freeview box built-in already meaning that there are no requirements for extra costs. If you would prefer your children to have a bit more variety to watch their favourite TV shows and movies, you can also invest in monthly subscriptions for streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ which offer thousands of children’s content to watch whenever they prefer. Netflix can be subscribed to for as low as £5.99 per month and offers parents access to parental controls, meaning that alterations can be made to the account, and viewer restrictions can be made for young children. So, there you have it, quality children’s entertainment either free of charge or for as low as £5.99 per month. There are alternative routes you can go down for children’s TV entertainment however, we believe that live TV and streaming services appear to be the easiest, least expensive, and most flexible. 

Family bonding time 

Another one of the benefits of TV is that it can assist with family bonding time. When watching a film or show with your child, it will allow for conversation to be sparked up, and it also means that you can engage in the content that they like. This can bring the family a whole lot closer, especially if you have a few kids of different ages who don’t share a lot in common. It means that the smartphones are ditched and good quality viewing is carried out between all.

Gets kids into sports

Parents quite often would love for their children to take an interest in a sport from a young age however, sometimes it can be difficult for a child to understand the dynamics of different sports to understand what they prefer to take an interest in. Children do get an insight into the world of sports during physical education in school however, they can get a deeper insight into the world of sports right in front of them through a TV. One of the benefits of TV is that children can find hobbies through it and later take part in these sports themselves.

Entertainment purposes

Finally, it is important to highlight the main benefit of TV, the entertainment aspect. The TV originated for entertainment purposes and as we grow older, that is simply why we use it. After coming in from a long hard day at work, sometimes all you want to resort to is your TV for some light entertainment. So why should this option be taken away from young kids? After all, they need a few sources of entertainment too, and it would be silly to dismiss the TV in this sense. 

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