Things To Know Before Becoming an Electrician

Things To Know Before Becoming an Electrician

Being an electrician has many benefits. For one, you get to serve the public by using your knowledge to solve a problem. This makes it a fulfilling job. Being an electrician also offers job security. Whether you’re starting your career or making a career change, an electrician is a great profession. We gathered together a guide with the things to know before becoming an electrician, so keep reading if this is something you’re considering.

It Takes a Few Years

One of the first things to know before becoming an electrician is that the process takes a few years. The first thing you’ll need is a high school diploma or GED. Next, you can attend a vocational school to learn everything about the job. Trade school isn’t required, but it can offer helpful training. The next step is to begin an apprenticeship, which gives you hands-on experience. Unlike many internship positions one of the benefits of an apprenticeship is that you get paid. After the apprenticeship, there’s an exam you must pass. If you pass the exam, you’ll receive a license. Once you have a license, you can begin you work as a journeyman electrician.

There Are Ways To Stay Safe

Being an electrician has it challenges. Becoming an electrician, you must be aware of various potential workplace hazards. For example, an electrician must be careful when working with electrician wires due to the possibility of an electrical burn. It’s essential to educate yourself on NFPA 70E and 2112 standards to ensure your safety while on the job. Since electricians work with power lines, falling is another potential hazard. A hard hat is essential to prevent injury in these situations. Although these hazards are present, there are ways to stay safe. Wearing the proper gear will minimize the risk associated with those hazards.

You Can Run Your Own Business

There are many job and career opportunities as an electrician. You could work for an existing company to learn more about the industry, or you could start your own business. As an electrician, you get to serve the people in your community by using your skills. Whether you own your own business or work for someone else’s, being an electrician is a great profession.

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