What You Need Before Moving Into Your First Apartment

Moving out of your parents’ home and into your first apartment is an exciting time; however, there are some things teens (or young adults) will need to remember to buy before they can start to party. Moving into a new apartment won’t be as fun if you don’t have the essentials like window blinds.

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Kitchen Equipment

If you aren’t accustomed to cooking, you will want to start now. Paying frequently for fast-food can get expensive quickly, whereas cooking homemade meals in your own kitchen is more often than not healthier and cheaper. Unless you plan on cooking gourmet, you will only need the very basic cooking supplies, including eating utensils (bowls, plates, cups, and silverware), a variety of pots and pans, potholders, and your basic cooking utensils (large spoons and spatulas). It may be a good idea to get a blender, microwave, and toaster oven as well for easy, nutritious meals. Don’t forget plastic containers to store your leftovers!


You have probably thought a lot about the style you will want for your first apartment. Now it is time to start finding furniture to fit that style. Some basics that you will want include a couch and television, a bookcase for all those textbooks (if you are a college student), a desk, a table and some chairs, a place to stick your clothes and shoes if you won’t have a large enough closet, and a bed. It is best to find furniture pieces that can also serve as extra storage, like a bed with drawers.

Don’t forget to make your home feel like home by incorporating plenty of decorations and memorabilia. To save you money, try finding second-hand furniture, which you can easily add personality to with a little DIY. Furthermore, shopping around can help you find a good deal on a mattress.

Bathroom Items

Don’t get so carried away with decorating your new room that you forget the bathroom! You will probably want to get some shower curtains, bathroom mats, multiple towels of various sizes, and caddies to hold your hygiene and/or make-up supplies. You may also want to purchase some extra rolls of toilet paper, hand soap, and cleaning supplies. Don’t forget a plunger and toilet scrubber in case you make a mess!

Getting your first apartment is a super exciting stage of life. As much as kids love their parents and may even miss them, young adults need to experience this wonderful transition from teenagerhood to becoming responsible, independent adults. 

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