Warning Signs Your Tooth May Be Infected

Toothache, soreness, tenderness, pain with chewing, pain when opening the mouth, temperature sensitivity; all of these are wildly inconvenient. Yet many adults walk around every day dealing with these symptoms and not doing a thing about the root cause – tooth infection. If you don’t get your tooth infection checked out by a professional, you may end up needing to opt for dentures or get dental implants in Charlotte. Many people choose to ignore these pains and aches because they don’t recognize that they are a likely sign that there is something more serious going on in their mouth. So here is a guide to the top three warning signs that your tooth may be infected, so that you can recognize it earlier and get it checked out before it worsens.

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Sensitive Teeth

Many people believe that sensitive teeth are normal sometimes. And yes, it is true that some people have more sensitive teeth than others, that doesn’t mean a change in sensitivity is normal. Quite to the contrary, if you notice that your teeth are suddenly much more sensitive to temperature, that is a huge sign that you are dealing with a tooth infection. When teeth are infected, their ability to handle temperature decreases, and your pain receptors are far more likely to go off when exposed to more extreme temperature. If you notice that your teeth are more sensitive than normal, consider stopping by the dentist to make sure you’re not dealing with a tooth infection.

Tooth Pain

Guess what? Tooth pain is not normal either. A lot of people chose to overlook this sign because they know what it likely means, a cavity or other tooth infection, and are afraid to find out the truth. But if you have tooth pain from an infected tooth and don’t get it fixed right away, you are only going to get worse pain as it develops. You may need to go to the dentist if you have severe pain in your tooth. Your teeth are supposed to be strong and healthy to chew through anything, and if you experience tooth pain, you are likely not going to be able to do that. Get tooth pain checked out by a dentist early.

Bad Breath

If you are noticing that your breath is smelling worse than normal lately, it may not be your brushing that is the culprit. It just might be that you are dealing with an infected tooth. When infected teeth result in the buildup of bacteria in your mouth, these bacteria often cause bad breath. No matter how well you are brushing, the infected tooth is going to keep churning out these nasty bacteria and making things worse. See your dentist if you notice you have persistent bad breath to see if a tooth infection may be at the root of the problem.

Nobody likes a tooth infection. But many people ignore the warning signs and end up with a far worse infection because they waited. Keep an eye out for these three signs of an infected tooth and see your dentist if you notice any of these symptoms.

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