Ways To Celebrate the Holidays With Your Dog

The holidays will look very different this year. We won’t be heading over to grandma’s house for a huge feast. Instead, almost everyone at school is staying at home with their families because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As depressing as this seems, we can all still have a blast with our furry friends this holiday season. Here are some top ways to celebrate the holidays with your dog if you’re looking to kill time at home.

Ways To Celebrate the Holidays With Your Dog

Dress Them Up

So many kids make fun of their parents for dressing up their pets. But it turns out that adults may have been onto something. Holiday-themed puppy photos get a ton of Instagram likes. Think about taking advantage of this opportunity by dressing your dog up for the occasion. Start by simply wrapping them in wrapping paper; do your best to get a snap before they rip it off. Another idea is to place a bow on your pup’s head. It’ll definitely make for a like-worthy shot. Whatever you do, be sure to have the best dog treats in your pocket so that your loyal companion stays still.

Exercise With Them

In a lot of ways, quarantine has been amazing, because it’s given teens time to catch up on Netflix and play video games. However, much of the younger population is missing gym class. If you’ve had one too many bags of Cheetos this year, consider creating an exercise routine for you and your pet. Wouldn’t it be awesome to do a holiday-themed obstacle course in the backyard? Or maybe your dog can chase you around in the snow to burn some calories. Just be sure to wipe off your pal’s paws before coming inside, so your parents don’t lose their cool.

Put Them on Your Shopping List

Dogs are extended family members. You should put them on your shopping list so they can get something special, too. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant; just something that lets your four-legged friend know you care. Make a quick trip to the local pet store for some bones or toys that you know they’ll love. Your best friend will give you kisses all day long as a thank you.

Here are some ways to celebrate the holidays with your dog this year. Another pro tip for teens is to keep their dogs safe during the holidays. Pups are curious creatures, so they may want to sniff the lights or put their noses in the Christmas tree. Do your parents a solid by watching where your dog ventures off, so disaster doesn’t strike.

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