What to Know About Making it on Your Own

You made it. You survived the diapers, skinned knees, pimples, letdowns, setbacks, rules, lectures, and tests that composed the last 18 or so years of your life. But just because your high school hands you a diploma doesn’t mean you are ready for the big bad world. Here are a few more skills to master before you head out on your own.

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Develop Life Skills

No–everything you need to know you did not learn in kindergarten! You might have the three R’s down; you might be able to solve a complicated algebraic equation; you could probably even diagram this sentence perfectly; but those skills won’t help you deal with a difficult boss, stay out of debt, get the chocolate stains out of your favorite pair of pants, whip up a mean snickerdoodle, or enjoy healthy relationships. 

Take the initiative to learn important life skills. Why not give your mom or dad the shock of a lifetime by asking them to teach you something? 

Learn How to Manage Money

Managing money. Seriously, if you can master this one skill, you will be ahead of the game by leaps and bounds. Many older adults struggle with money management and suffer the consequences as a result. It may seem old school, but learn to make and stick to a budget. 

Your future self will thank you for it! Specifically, don’t wait to start a savings account. Everyone needs extra cash for emergency expenses. Beyond that, remember the basics, and you should be ok: Get a job, spend less than you make, and stay out of debt. 

Develop Emotional Resilience

Life can be hard. Up to this point, when the going got tough, you could “get going” to mom and dad, and they would buoy your spirits, talk you through it, and help you out. When you’re on your own, however, you should be able to buoy your spirits, talk yourself through it, and get yourself back on your feet. Emotional resilience is a skill, and it takes practice and effort. Of course, you can always turn to your loved ones for support, but don’t get too dependent on other people for your emotional health. 

Congratulations! You got this far. You are an adult, noun. Now it is time to adult, verb. To tackle those life skills. Become a personal finance expert. Develop emotional resilience. It might seem a bit scary now, but you will gain confidence as you find success. 

Best of all, you will find that the big bad world isn’t so big and bad after all. It might even be pretty amazing!

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