Why You Should Consider Becoming a Toxicologist

Are you looking for a career and field of study for college? Is chemistry your favorite school subject? You should consider studying to become a toxicologist!

Our guide will explain the basics of toxicology and why it could be the ideal future career for you!

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Toxicologist

What is Toxicology?

First, what is toxicology, and what does a toxicologist do? Toxicology is a branch of chemical science that studies nature, toxins, pollutants, and more. In general terms, a toxicologist researches chemical properties and harmful compounds in humans, the environment, and what we eat and drink.

There are two branches of toxicology—forensic and toxicokinetic. Forensic toxicology identifies and quantifies substances in the body, such as medications and banned substances. Toxicokinetic toxicology studies how toxins enter the body and how the body processes them.

Reasons To Consider a Career in Toxicology

Rewarding Work

Being a toxicologist can mean incredibly rewarding and fulfilling work no matter which branch you focus on. As a toxicologist, you can study the effect of certain chemicals on humans and the environment—ensuring that people and the planet are safe from potentially harmful toxins.

Toxicology is especially important to environmental biology, so if you’re passionate about the planet and its health, one of the best ways to make a career out of that passion is by going into the toxicology field. Toxicologists also work with pharmaceutical companies to test and ensure patients get useful and safe medication.

Choose Your Field of Work

As we’ve mentioned, there are many avenues of toxicology for you to choose from based on your interests and passions. Toxicologists work in many fields and industries, including:

  • Government regulation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer products
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Research foundations
  • Academia

Wherever your passions lie, you can likely find a toxicology position that will make you proud and interested in your work.

Lucrative Earning Potential

While money isn’t everything, having a job and career that pays well is nice! As with any career field, your level of education is the most significant factor in earning potential—but even those with only bachelor’s degrees and a few years of experience in toxicology can earn a nearly six-figure salary.

For those with doctorate degrees, the median salary for toxicologists is well above six figures and can reach as high as $200,000. For many, a career that offers rewarding work and good pay is a dream job!

These are some basic reasons you should consider becoming a toxicologist, but there are many more. If you’re interested in chemistry and want to make a career out of that passion, consider the toxicology field!

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