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Worried About Your Post-Lockdown Health? Here’s How to Look after Yourself While Homeworking

Whether you’re working or studying from home, you may be understandably worried about the amount of time you’re spending indoors, at the computer. And given the unique, exceptional circumstances we’re living under at the moment, it makes sense to be cognisant of its effect on both our physical and mental health. It’s also important that we take care of ourselves now, so that we can enjoy the return to normality that’s finally on the horizon. Here are a few quick and easy ways to attend to your personal health during lockdown.

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Protect Your Eyes

For most of us, homeworking means staring at a screen for copious amounts of time. The relative newness of computer technology means we still don’t understand the full extent of its effect on our health. However, what we do know is that looking at screens as much as many of us have been can seriously strain your eyes. The rapidly increasing number of people who require glasses effectively demonstrates this.  In the long-term, this may cause blurry vision, as well as other detrimental effects to your eyesight. As such, if you require corrective lenses, you should make sure to wear them whenever you are working at a computer for extended periods of times. Even if you do not currently wear glasses, it may be worth visiting an optician anyway to see if a situational pair may be beneficial to your optical health in the long-term.  Aviator or cat eye prescription glasses can often have a youthening effect on the look of your face, too.

Pay Attention to Your Mental Health

With the lack of social contact combined with the amount of time we’re spending indoors, many people are becoming more concerned with the pandemic’s effect on their mental health. And given that lockdown has been linked with increasing rates of both anxiety and depression, it’s easy to see why. Because of this, you should try to closely monitor your emotional and mental welfare while you are homeworking. If you find that you are experiencing prolonged spells of negative emotions, consider contacting a doctor. If the lack of social interaction is weighing you down, try to meet up with one or more friends outdoors, as well.

Stay Active

The lack of commuting and the closure of many gyms has led to a lot of homeworkers doing less physical activity than prior to lockdown. It is thus important that while homeworking, we are more conscious of incorporating exercise into our daily schedules. The physical health benefits are obvious – it significantly reduces your risk of several common diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, and aids weight management. What’s more, exercise can have a surprising positive impact on your mental health, too. Studies suggest that just a little activity can release endorphins into your bloodstream. Exercise has also been linked to reducing anxiety levels. Poor mental health can be exacerbated by a lack of sunlight, so exercise can be an effective way of counteracting this, as well.  

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