5 Fast Facts about actor Jacob Laval

Jacob Laval plays ‘Seldon Wishnow’ in HBO’s American drama, The Plot Against America alongside Winona Ryder, Zoe Kazan, and John Turturro. Jacob’s acting journey began when he started taking  musical theatre classes in 2014, to help him with his speech impairment. He fell in love with theatre and acting, and soon after that, began to do commercials and his first movie, Team Marco, where he played the lead character’s best friend ‘Fred.’ and appeared in past shows such as SyFy’s Happy! and Marvel’s Jessica Jones.  Other industry credits include Netflix’s “John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch” and Broadway’s The Rose Tattoo starring Marisa Tomei.

This New York native enjoys baseball, chess, reading and his golden retriever puppy ‘Michelle.’

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Jacob!

jacob laval

His acting has taken him places.

The most memorable moment in my career so far was when we did a location shoot in the Catskill Mountains for the Plot Against America. I had never been in that area before and it was beautiful but I also loved getting to work with Caleb Malis who plays Sandy because we hadn’t gotten to work together that much before that trip.

If there is one moment he could do over, it would be THIS one:

When I was in the Rose Tattoo on Broadway there was a scene where the lead Emun Elliot would lift me and carry me a short way on the stage. One day he lifted me up and as he went to put me back down I fell. I scraped my knee but I was more embarrassed because my best friend was at the show. I’m over it now though.

He’s got something to say to all the parents who are all like “get off your phone!”

I feel like a lot of parents and adults are always telling their children not to play with electronics that much. They want us to play traditional board games like from when they were kids or to go out and play sports or run around. And I do like playing outside as a matter of fact I am on a Little League team (we are not active right now, of course) and I do love playing board games too, but I mean, almost everything we do now involves iPhones or iPads or computers. I mean right now because of the quarantine we’re doing virtual school. If we didn’t know how to use these devices and websites and apps, we’d be lost. And also the adults that are always telling us we should be on our devices less always seem to be on their devices all the time.

He gets along with much older siblings.

I have an adult sister Mollie and an adult brother Ian and we are very close even though they’re older than I am.

One food he must eat at least once a week is:

Ice cream for sure.

I love chocolate but I’ll really eat any flavor if I have to.

Can we please get a selfie of whatever you are doing right now to keep it real for the fans?

jacob laval selfie
Right now I am on this app called Cameo. Cameo is this cool app where there are people on there that you can book to do shout outs or direct messages for a price. I only started a week ago and I’ve already done a bunch of them. I’ve done shout outs, two people, for their birthday and a holiday like Passover and I’ve also been shout out from friends to other friends who can’t see each other because of the quarantine and I’m missing them. I have fun doing it and I like helping people to feel good right now.


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