5 Fast Facts about singer Casey Baer

Eighteen years in the making, Los Angeles-based sultry pop artist Casey Baer is ready to step into the spotlight. Inspired by her relationships and the experiences of her teen years, Casey has packaged up those feelings and delivered a beautifully well-wrapped gift to her fans with honest lyrics, powerful vocals, and polished production to match. Her first single set to debut May 16th, Greatest Mistake, is an indicator of what’s to come – an unapologetic take on every teen’s formative years.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Casey!

casey baer

She wouldn’t change a thing about her greatest mistake.

“Greatest Mistake” was inspired by a time when I was seeing someone and it didn’t work out the way I had hoped. I saw it coming and tried to keep it alive. But in the end I turned it into a positive by putting it into my songwriting. So I probably wouldn’t change a thing!

She lost it when she saw Justin Bieber.

I have been star struck more than once. I saw Justin Bieber at a restaurant in Los Angeles and I was speechless and quite possibly cried a little! He’s my number one inspiration so seeing him in person was surreal. I saw him again at Coachella this year, and (possibly) cried again!

She doesn’t look her best without a good fanning.

My favorite makeup hack is fanning my face after using my setting spray because it makes my makeup look last longer.

She’s kind of a late bloomer.

I’m not sure why I didn’t want to drive, but I just got my permit this year at 18.

Her favorite guilty pleasure is_______________

My guilty pleasure is watching reality TV!


I’ve been trying to learn the guitar for awhile now, but it’s not easy!

casey baer


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