5 Fast Facts about John Joseph

Pop artist John Joseph just released his debut single “I Want U” (scroll down for link) and recently opened for Wilson Phillips.

Here are 5 fast facts about John so you get to know him a little better!

joseph john interview

He’s a big Nicki fan.

“Nicki Minaj has to be the collaboration I have wanted for the longest time. For me, if your song is featuring Nicki you know it’s a hit. So that has to be #1 for dream collaborations!”

He describes his sound as “pop music with a little edge.”

“Some of my influences are Pink, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears and Taylor Swift! I really like to take what the girls in pop are doing and make it my own!”

He’s got one really big pet peeve.

“People who smack their food! Don’t do it. I’ll cry. Not really. But ugh! Just stop!”

He’s performed for a big crowd despite not having released any music.

“I’ve actually performed my own song at the STAPLES Center back in 2017! It was a surreal experience since I hadn’t even had any music out yet!”

He is a super fan of Glee.

“I have probably binge watched that show about 7 times and still listen to the music. I like to think of myself as a male version of Rachel Barry!”

Debut Single: I Want U – Single by John Joseph



Instagram: @JohnJosephMusic

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