5 Fast Facts about model Jordan Leftwich

Jordan Leftwich is a runway model who has walked during both New York Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week. She was a featured model at the 2019 Annual Oscar City Summit Celebrity Charity Gala and has collaborated and walked with America’s next Top model contestants Rio Summers and the Green twins.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Jordan!

jordan leftwich 1

She’s got a huge personal goal.

My ultimate goal is to walk in the Victoria Secret Fashion show.

She met a big celebrity — with a mouth full of tacos.

I was at a birthday party and a mom was talking Heidi Klum’s head off…lol…and she looked at me. At the moment I had a mouthful of tacos in my mouth but Heidi looked over and told me that I was very pretty. It was one of those moments where you look at your parent and they are like “save me,” lol. So, of course I was like, “oh my gosh thank you,” but at the same time I was thinking, “oh no, I can’t answer, I have a mouthful of tacos” … so I ended up saying thank you and smiling. The moment was super funny because it was a moment where you think in your head, is Heidi Klum talking to me? I had a chance to laugh at the moment.

She’s got a beauty hack she’d like to share.

I like to set my makeup with a setting spray and then dab it in with a beauty blender to leave a blurred finish.

jordan leftwich 2

She can do an amazing stunt!

I know how to jump off a 20ft scaffold on to a mat/airbag.

She doesn’t always eat healthy.

My guilty pleasure is eating a big bowl of noodles and watching a movie while wearing my pajamas.

Selfie time!

jordan leftwich 3


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