5 Fast Facts about actor Luke Speakman

Dubbed early in his career as the “little charmer,” Luke Speakman’s magnetic personality and undeniable range of evoking laughter and then switching to big emotional scenes has led to an impressive resume at a young age. At just 5 years old, he shared the screen with Victoria Pandretti in Steven Spielburg’s Amazing Stories on Apple TV +.

Seen on networks such as Peacock, NBC, HULU, Disney+, QCODE Media, and INSP, Luke also appeared in a Short Film with Blair Redford that was featured at the 2023 Mammoth Film Festival and starring in Howl at the Dead which premiered at the 2023 Screamfest LA Film Festival at the TLC Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Luke has worked with notable directors such as Keith Powell and Mark Mylord, and talent from all over the world on multiple feature films, television series, and voiceovers. Luke’s most recent project, Lost Man Found (Hirowareta Otoko), where he plays series regular Sean, was filmed in Tokyo, Japan and can be found on HULU International Originals, Disney+ Japan, and Disney Hotstar.

Born in the small town of Athens, GA, Luke currently lives a bi-coastal life between Atlanta and Los Angeles. His love for travel and joy for meeting new people only grows with each new acting adventure!

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Luke!

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His last two films really pushed his boundaries.

There are actually two films that I recently finished filming and both had something special about them!

One is a horror film called The Exorcists where I share the screen with the legendary Doug Bradley! This wasn’t my first horror project to work on; but, it was special because I had some pretty awesome makeup to make me look like I had scars, veins, even blood! It was also the first time I played a character where I had to wear contacts! We filmed in a mausoleum, which made it even extra creepy! 

The second film is an action movie called Coal River.  This was the first time I got to do my own stunts! I have been training in Ninja Warrior since I was 4 years old and had been waiting for this moment! I can’t give away too many details but I can say that my character climbed a very high structure and had to be rescued from a river. The stunt crew was so cool and taught me how to rig up the harness so that it wouldn’t be seen on screen. I had to wear a wetsuit under my wardrobe for the river scenes because it was so cold! I almost chickened out when it came time to jump in the river, but decided to just do it! The entire cast and crew cheered!

Both movies will be released soon, so stay tuned and check for updates on my IMDb page!

He had a BEASTLY moment at the Kids Choice Awards.

My most memorable showbiz moment is definitely being invited to attend the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards!  Walking the Orange Carpet was so exciting!  I couldn’t believe that I was even invited to attend!  One of the shows I worked on was nominated, so I got to attend as a nominee.  The best was meeting new people and of course seeing Mr. Beast on stage!  Mr. Beast had just sent me a surprise video message a few weeks earlier congratulating me on raising $1,650 for an organization called Two Thumbs Up (it provides social opportunities for kids on the Autism Spectrum). So seeing him on a video and then in real life was EPIC! 

He thinks Tokyo is THE place to be.

You probably won’t believe this, but my favorite place that I filmed would be Tokyo, Japan! I was so lucky to be given a lead role for a TV series called Lost Man Found (Hulu and Disney+) and half of the season was filmed in Tokyo! It was the first time I had ever been out of the United States. Tokyo is amazing. I had so much fun walking around with my real mom and my on screen mom, Kyla Burke, to explore all the delicious sushi restaurants, unique stores and Takeshita Street! Did you know that there is a place in Tokyo where you can hang out with puppies while having coffee? I also had cotton candy that was two sizes bigger than my head! Of course we went on a shopping spree at the Pokemon and Nintendo stores! The best part was celebrating my 9th birthday while we were there! Production surprised me with a cake and gifts on set!  Not many kids can say that they spent their 9th birthday in Tokyo, Japan! I will always be grateful for this opportunity and to share the screen with talented Japanese actors Taiga Nakano and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi!

He likes chess and extreme weather.

Most people would be surprised that I am a chess lover! I really enjoy a good game of chess and usually bring a travel game with me to set! Challenging the crew on breaks is pretty funny. They are always surprised that I play so well. I also like to collect chess games from the different locations I get to visit when filming. 

I also have an obsession with weather. One of my favorite things to do is to track severe storms using different radar devices. I live pretty close to the Weather Channel, and one of my lifetime goals is to visit it and maybe even give a weather report! I think it would be pretty awesome to work as a Tornado Chaser. I am obsessed with the shows Storm Chasers and Tornado Hunters. Maybe one day that will be me!

He’s open to what the universe presents.

This is a hard one! My journey so far has been so unpredictable that I have learned to take each day at a time. I plan to continue to work on my acting skills, ninja warrior skills, and of course school. The number one thing I have learned is to not be afraid to jump into opportunities when they happen, because you just never know where it will take you! So, if I were to really answer the question: What’s coming up next for me?… I would have to say “Anything imaginable!” But if you want to see me on the screen, check out Christmas With Jerks on Apple TV and beginning December 1st you can find me in How the Gringo Stole Christmas with George Lopez streaming on Amazon Prime Video!

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