5 Fast Facts about singer and actress Elyse Jewel

Elyse Jewel is an emerging Pop singer-songwriter along with being an actress and performing in musical theater productions. Elyse Jewel has performed as a music artist at numerous venues in the Dallas, Texas area including The House of Blues, Gilley’s Dallas, The Gaylord of Texas and Six Flags Over Texas. She recently, performed in the Kristin Chenoweth Tour.

Elyse had her first single, “Thinking About You,” selected as a Grand Prize Winner in the 2nd Session 2019 John Lennon Songwriter International Competition in the POP category and it is currently in the running for Song of the Year.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Elyse!

elyse jewel

Kristin Chenoweth provided a very special moment.

I had the opportunity to perform onstage with and open for Kristin Chenoweth. A few other kids and I had rehearsal every week and we worked with a director, choreographer, and vocal instructor to put together a few musical theater numbers. We had costumes made and were able to do a Q&A with Kristin which was amazing. I learned so much about the industry and her journey throughout the entertainment world. She is such a sweet and caring person. I remember complimenting her dress and her telling me how she felt as though she ate too much the night before and we both just started laughing. During Kristin’s closing number, she invited us up to sing with her onstage and all of us, including Kristin, started crying during the song. It was such a powerful moment because you could just feel the love for each other and the arts throughout the auditorium.

A boo-boo happened while performing.

I stumbled and almost fell onstage during a huge performance. I was wearing these new heels that I had gotten, but I wasn’t very used to walking in them. I was moving a little with the music and then I tripped and almost fell. If I hadn’t been holding onto the microphone stand I would have completely fallen. It definitely wasn’t a very graceful stumble, but I did manage to get back up. If given the chance, however, I would love to redo that.

She has this to say about issues today’s teenagers face:

I think it can be the pressure of society and other teens. Everybody is so interested in drama and labels and I think it can be a very hard thing to deal with. If somebody makes one mistake, their peers may make them live with that mistake for the rest of their high school career. It can ruin their reputation and teen years. I think we all just need to be more accepting of one another and spread love and acceptance.

It’s not really something you can avoid, I just try to stay polite and ignore it. There have been people who have treated me very poorly and talked “trash” about me. I just ignore it and stay kind to everyone. I think the main way to deal with it is to know your worth and know that if you don’t stoop to their level then that proves a lot about you versus them.

She can communicate without speaking.

I’m currently learning ASL. I take the class in school, but I plan on becoming fluent. I love it!!

My friend and I used to sign to each other across the class, and it was really funny when the teacher would catch us. She wouldn’t get mad and she even asked us to teach her some.

She likes to snack on _______

I have a huge sweet tooth, so definitely either Doritos or some kind of chocolate.





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