5 Fast Facts about TikTok star Trinity Morisette

Trinity Morisette is a 16 year old American social media influencer with close to 2 million followers on TikTok. In addition to being a video creator and model, she is also a “positivity influencer” who took a stand against cyberbullying and pioneered the “Kindness Matters” movement after receiving massive amounts of hateful comments on one of her videos.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Trinity!

There is one particular video she is most proud of.

My favorite piece of content is the following vid because it’s the one that spearheaded the kindness matters movement.


Her biggest inspiration as a content creator is:

Liza Koshy 

Her most embarrassing moment turned into a positive — lots of attention thanks to PewDiePie!

Oh! The one pewdiepie annihilated. The meme is actually hilarious. I shot the vid after pulling an all nighter. I got in my car right after finishing my last exam and was slap happy! Here is the original and I’m sure you could find the meme.


There are serious brains behind her beauty.

I was accepted into college at 13 and started at 14.

There is one food she just cannot live without.



Selfie time!



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