Becoming a Successful Online Teacher: Lessons Learned from Online Teaching Certification Programs

Online learning programs are becoming consistently popular among students, raising the industry’s annual growth rate to 9.37%. Now, students can easily enroll in online learning programs to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Due to the high demand for online courses, teachers have to improve their skill sets to meet innovative teaching and learning needs. Otherwise, they cannot keep up with students’ learning requirements. To successfully run an online program, teachers can enroll in online teaching certification programs to enhance their teaching skills.

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How Online Certification Programs Improve Teaching Skills?

Teaching virtual classes is quite different than traditional ones as the computer screen makes it difficult to connect directly with students. Therefore, it is important for teachers to learn new teaching skills to meet these challenges by enrolling in an online teaching certification program. These programs are designed to train teachers in multiple areas regarding virtual classes, such as:

Adjust Course Material

64% of students report that they have trouble maintaining focus during online classes as their home lacks a proper learning environment. As a result, they cannot cover the same amount of learning material as they were capable of doing in a physical classroom.

Therefore, teaching certification programs train teachers to adjust their course material to ensure it becomes easy for students to learn. Instead of focusing on lengthy chapters or articles, teachers need to prioritize excerpts, summaries, and short articles. This strategy will help them maintain the class’ attention and cover more information in less time. 

Shortening course material during online lectures makes it easier for students to follow along. Teachers can also encourage class discussions to further improve the student’s understanding. Since the material is not lengthy, teachers can quickly wrap up discussions and move to the next topic within one session.

Use New Teaching Approach

As in-person teaching approaches are not fruitful during online classes, teachers also learn new techniques to improve their teaching methods. Online teaching certification programs make sure teachers know how to encourage virtual participation during class. These programs teach current and future teachers time management, goal setting, and course planning.

Teachers are also advised to use certain ways to improve their online class environment, such as:

  • Discuss the learning outcomes of each chapter after completion with students to find out their understanding of the material.
  • Present all class-related material in an organized manner to ensure students can easily access their coursework, class discussions, and class assessments.
  • Build an online participation forum to provide an open discussion and feedback platform to students.
  • Hold personal discussions with students to make classes more fun and engaging.

These techniques help teachers upgrade their current teaching skills to connect with students and provide a better learning experience on online forums.

Use Digital Workspaces

Digital workspaces create a secure environment that allows students to access class-related files, apps, and resources from one platform. These workspaces are effective for higher as well as small educational forums as they can meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff members.

If teachers do not know how to leverage this technology, they can learn it through an online certification program to improve the learning experience for their virtual students. They can learn how to streamline communication and course material by leveraging multiple tools. As a result, students can access their course-related files anytime.

Encourage Group and One On One Discussions

According to research, students have trouble communicating with teachers in online classes, which creates feelings of isolation. This can affect students’ ability to learn and absorb information. To eliminate this issue, online teaching certification programs ensure teachers know how to use various communication techniques to maintain communication flow.

They are taught how to create discussions group in a digital workspace to encourage class discussions. Teachers also taught how to conduct and organize video meetings to have face-to-face meetings with students. A video stream helps students in asking questions without disturbing the lecture or discussion flow by only using nonverbal cues. When students have the opportunity to clear things during lectures, it improves their understanding of the material.

Wrapping Up

As online learning is becoming popular among students, teachers need to upgrade their teaching skills to provide a good learning experience to the students. Teachers can learn how to meet the needs of virtual classes with new teaching techniques by enrolling in online teaching certification programs.

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