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Study Burnout: Myth or Reality

Burnout is a common issue for adults who work a lot and need to complete plenty of tasks and activities in their regular lives. However, many teenagers and even children are also at risk of facing this health condition. Study burnout has become a serious problem for young learners. So, what are the main reasons for burnout if you are a student? Here is a list of conditions that increase your chances of facing chronic fatigue and burnout.

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Too High Academic Pressure

As a rule, students have plenty of academic assignments they need to complete before the urgent deadlines. Not only preparing for exams and tests remains to be extremely stressful for young learners but also writing essays, collecting facts for term papers, creating presentations, and composing reports.

To put it short, many learners are expected to remember dozens of various facts and loads of diverse data. Unfortunately, not all students can successfully cope with too high academic pressure.

The good news is that modern learners can use websites that provide academic assistance.

To choose the most reputable service, it is a good idea to explore the reviews of the writing service It is easy to find feedback using various writing sites shared by more experienced students in just a few clicks.

But what information should you pay attention to? First, make sure you are planning to use a legal writing service. For example, is domyessay legit? Second, double-check whether a chosen site delivers high-quality papers. Third, explore the deadlines available – some services can complete your assignment no faster than in a couple of working days, while others will send you a top-notch essay in just a few hours (it also depends on the volume of your academic assignment).

If you delegate completing the most complicated academic assignments to professional writers, you will likely have more free time for rest and hobbies.

Full-time Employment

Having a full-time job is not the best idea for young learners. The reason is that it will take almost all your time, as well as physical and mental resources. As a result, you will likely need to limit your time for rest and learn a lot.

Most professors believe that combining a full-time job and studies is hardly possible. Otherwise, you are at risk of facing burnout or having an incredibly low academic performance. To avoid this serious issue, it is better to choose part-time jobs, become a volunteer, or just focus on learning only. Freelance is also an excellent option to earn money for students in case they spend no more than a few hours per day for work.

Launching Business

Many students dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs soon after graduation. They want to launch startups, bring their business ideas to life, and earn good money. There are many examples of famous people who started doing business during their student life.

The hidden truth is that these celebrities are exceptions to the rule. The fact is that doing business always requires all your time, tons of effort, some investment, research, marketing, and communication with the clients. It will hardly be possible to continue learning if you decide to start your own company. At some point, you will need to choose between studies and business. Dropping from college is a serious risk since your entrepreneurship might appear to be not as successful as you expected.

So, what is the best advice in this case? Unless you have millions of dollars in your bank account, it is better to start doing business after graduation. This way, the process will not be so stressful, as well as you will have more time to dedicate to your business initiative. After all, the company has a higher chance to survive and succeed in the field with dozens of strong competitors.


Perfectionism is a feature that can cause study burnout. Many learners are trying too hard to receive the highest possible grades, become the best student in a class, and maintain a perfect academic performance. Of course, being a diligent student is undoubtedly good, but you should also take care of your physical and mental well-being. If you put too much effort into your studies, you might soon get completely exhausted.

It is normal to have some challenging times before important tests or exams. However, having constant study stress is not normal. Any student should find a healthy balance between learning, working, and rest. Otherwise, they can face serious health issues and burnout.

All in all, having study burnout is not a myth. Thousands of students suffer from this condition. If you want to avoid it, remember to have enough rest, avoid full-time employment, and don’t start big businesses during learning. Moreover, make sure not to try too hard when writing academic papers and preparing reports – these are routine assignments that should be done well but not perfectly.

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