How To Avoid Losing Your Balance on a Longboard

How To Avoid Losing Your Balance on a Longboard

Starting a new sport or activity comes with different challenges, especially when it’s something completely new and fresh for you. To become good at something, you must put in time and effort while constantly practicing to achieve better results, but there are some activities you can do to improve quickly.

Longboarding is an exciting activity that will make your adrenaline run, and it’s something you can do on different paths, from downhill boarding to working on tricks. Here are some exercises you can practice to improve your body strength and avoid losing your balance on your longboard.

How To Avoid Losing Your Balance on a Longboard

Stretch Daily

Stretching your muscles daily, especially before hopping on your longboard, will increase your muscle memory and body awareness to deal with balance more effectively. You can stretch for ten minutes before riding with simple stretches like touching your toes with straight legs and rolling your ankles. Simple exercises will connect your body for faster reaction, as well as prevent injuries.

Work Your Core

Simple and effective exercises will strengthen your core so that you can have more control over your longboard and avoid falling. You don’t need to become a fitness instructor to do this; you only need to develop the necessary awareness to know how to move and react to manage the board.

You can start by crunching ten times and doing ten jumps trying to get your knees to your chest; repeat these four times and then get on your longboard.

Stand on One Leg

To improve your overall balance, you need to achieve standing on one leg for at least 30 seconds; this is the main principle for standing on your longboard. Distributing your weight and handling the board requires constant weight shifting, requiring you to put all your weight in one leg. Once you stand on each leg without falling, you can learn longboarding tips for beginners to improve your skills gradually.

Stand on Your Longboard

If you start out riding a longboard, when you stand on it, you will feel how it moves from side to side because that gives your board direction when moving. The best way to do this movement and balance your weight is to gain experience and learn how to fall.

Balancing on your longboard means your body has to adjust to an irregular movement to gain muscle memory and traction. The more you do it, the quicker you can ride downhill at high speeds and feel the adrenaline.

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