How to Focus in Class When it’s so Boring!

So you’re having a hard time paying attention in class….You’re teacher is boring, the information you’re learning is boring and you just can’t stop thinking about your plans later! Staying focused in class can be difficult but you are definitely not alone! Follow these 6 helpful tips on how to focus in class when it’s so boring.

Sit in the front of the class

I know you probably don’t want to sit in front of the class and have your teacher be literally a foot away from you, but this does help. When you’re sitting in the front, you aren’t staring at anyone’s head and you’re not seeing the class as a whole like if you were to sit all the way in the back. When you’re in the front, you’ll definitely want to try to stay awake so your teacher doesn’t call you out during the lecture.

Where you sit matters! It makes a big difference on your learning! This will help you engage eye contact with your teacher and will also show him/her that you’re interested in learning. If you’re lucky, they won’t call on you for an answer…but this shouldn’t be a problem because you’ll be focused.

how to focus in class

Stay away from your distractions

We’re constantly distracted, and that’s okay. As human beings, anything can be a distraction — especially in a boring class! Avoid sitting next to your friends because we all know you’ll be talking, doodling, passing notes and playing tic tac toe on the sides of your assignments.

Stay away from your phone. Texting and Snapchatting can wait. Instagram will be there when you get home but the notes on the board won’t!

NOTE: Ask your teacher if you can take pictures of the whiteboard/blackboard or record his lecture. That way your phone is actually being put to good use.

Take notes/participate

Taking notes and participating is a great way to stay focused! To take good notes you need to actively listen. And to listening actively, you need to be focused. Engage yourself in the lecture by asking questions. Organize your notes and really pay attention to what your lecture is about.

Don’t look at the clock

Staring at the clock only makes time go by even slower so don’t do it! Quit counting by the second. Do your work, actively listen, participate and next thing you know, class will be over.

Find ways to be motivated

Motivation can be easy when there’s a reward for you waiting at the finish line. Find ways to motivate yourself. For example, ask your parents for something if you get an A on your next exam – maybe some extra cash or an extra hour past curfew. Not only that, but better grades in general will open doors to scholarships, recognition and more! Come on, who doesn’t want to succeed?

Practice good habits

Sometimes we lose focus because we didn’t get enough sleep last night or we didn’t eat a well-balanced breakfast. Get into the habit of making minor changes to your lifestyle. Sleep better, eat better and get ahead in your workload. Study your current class topics before you go to class. Play a game by not taking out your phone during the entire lecture and reward yourself with a sweet snack!

Get the best online educational help

If you think that your regular educational set up is boring and uninteresting, it is always good to create a new avenue of learning for yourself. There are many credible and respected enrichment classes Singapore, which use the latest and most modern learning tools to help you convey lessons in an interesting manner. Teachers at enrichment classes focus on making learning fun. This helps students to grasp the subject matter at hand better. This will also allow you to be more prepared than your other friends who are just depending on the normal coursework.

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