How To Get Better at Lacrosse Outside of Practice

Lacrosse is not an easy sport to pick up, but you may still dedicate yourself to playing the game because of how fun it is. Going all out in practice is definitely one way to improve your game, but those who have reached the higher level will tell you that what you do outside of practice will really set you apart from the competition. Discover how to get better at lacrosse outside of practice with some of these proven options.

How To Get Better at Lacrosse Outside of Practice

Practice More!

Practice makes perfect in any sport, and that’s no different with the game of lacrosse. This means using your stick outside of practice instead of letting it sit around until you must hit the field again. Every lacrosse player who has played at a high level will point youngsters to wall ball, as it can help them improve their dominant and off-hand passing and catching. Young laxers should also work on their shooting and ground balls by trying different drills on their own. These drills can all take place in the backyard and be incredibly fun, so there’s no reason not to give them a try!

String Your Own Head

Lacrosse is one of the few sports that allows for ultimate personalization. From the gear you wear to how your head is strung, the customization options are seemingly endless, and they can all play a role in your performance. So, outside of practice, start to string your own lacrosse head to your liking instead of going with one that is pre-strung or done by someone else. Stringing your own head will also take some practice, but when you figure it out, you may gain some much-needed confidence.

Boost Your Lacrosse IQ

Being able to see the field is not something that every lacrosse player can unlock, which is why it’s something you should focus on. If possible, watch film of your game to pinpoint ways you can fix your game. Another option if you can’t get your hands on some film is to watch college players or the pros in the Premier Lacrosse League on TV or YouTube.

Stay in Good Shape

The next tip on how to get better at lacrosse outside of practice has to do with getting bigger, faster, and stronger. Since lacrosse involves plenty of running, you should do some cardio exercises. The game is also physical, so putting on some muscle will also give you an advantage on the field when you are dodging or picking up ground balls.

Attend a Camp

One last option to consider is attending a lacrosse camp. Typically, during the off-season, some of the biggest names in lacrosse will host camps, which means you can learn the game from the best. This is also a great opportunity to go up against better competition and return to your team as a more knowledgeable and skilled player.

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