How to Take Advantage of the Free Software You Get From School

When you’re a student, you get access to many things that you would usually have to pay for. One of the best things in this category is the selection of free software you get to use throughout your years as a student. And while you can simply use that software for your school projects, you can get more out of it if you learn to use it effectively for your own endeavors as well.

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Start a Graphic Design Project

One of the major goals of school is helping you to get into a career you love. So if you can use your software to further your career, you should do it. Starting a graphic design project using your software from school can be a great way to get more familiar with the software and improve your marketability as a potential employee. You can do your graphic design project for yourself or you can build something for a friend or relative who has a small business. That way you can put your skills and your free software to good use.

Create Your Own Video Game

If you are interested in the world of video games, you can use the software from your school to make your own. This can take a significant effort, but having the necessary software makes it a whole lot easier. There are many 3D assets available for indie developers to help you get started. These tools together will help you to create compelling games that you can use to improve your skills and maybe even create a successful indie game on your own.

Create Film Projects

Many schools also provide you with the software you need to shoot and edit an amazing film. This can be used to enter festivals, practice film making, and start making connections in the industry. You should have access to good editing software, audio software, and software you can use to make graphics and animations for your project. Take time to go through the provided tutorials so you have a strong grasp on what you need to do.

As a student, you will have opportunities to use software that can be pretty expensive once you are on your own. So you should use this time to learn about the different applications and figure out which ones you want to keep when you finish school. Don’t forget to talk with the teachers and staff at your school to learn more about your options.

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