Out of Print Clothing – Making New Fashion from Old Classics

Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester is a fan!

If you haven’t noticed from our celebrity interview web series, in addition to celebrities and the great music, movies, TV shows, and other creative stuff they do, we are also big fans of good news, charity and community work, and supporting positive social causes.

We also love when companies give back to the community in creative ways.

One such company is Out of Print Clothing, who not only brings back the art from literary classics and puts them on fresh gear, but also donates one book to a community in need for every item purchased through a partnership with Books for Africa.

According to the company, its mission isto celebrate literature through fashion and help increase access to books around the world.”

So far, they have donated over 800,000 books! Right on!

Out of Print sells things like:

  • 000T-Shirts
  • tote bags
  • iPhone cases
  • jewelry
  • stationery
  • gift items

So, if you want to show off your book smarts while supporting a good cause, check out Out of Print Clothing!


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