Virtual Style Pod by Engage Allows You to Try Clothes On Virtually in 3D

For those that like to try on new fashions, but dislike the drudgery of changing clothes repeatedly in a cramped, messy dressing room (with a 3 item limit), a new piece of technology just might to change the clothes buying experience for the better.

The Virtual Style Pod works by combining a “life-size screen mirror which overlays the user’s image with incredibly realistic 3D renders of clothing, the world’s first 3D cloth simulation. It enables users to quickly create outfits by mixing and matching a wide range of garments from the host’s inventory,” according to the maker Engage Production‘s Youtube channel.

As if Instagram selfies weren’t enough, this new technology allows users to share their virtual outfits with the world at large through social networks.

From the video preview which you can see below, the concept seems cool, although the graphics look a little shaky. A big part of buying clothing is how the fabric feels against the skin and how it moves when you walk and run, two things that this device doesn’t address.

Still, for a quick visual of what you look like in certain gear without having to get undressed, this thing cannot be beat. No word on when or if the Virtual Style Pod will be showing up in a mall near you.

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