The Anxious Teenager’s Guide to Meditation

Meditating is something anyone can do, and those who suffer from anxiety can benefit from the practice. It’s important to know a few basics before you start. Check out this article to know more about various meditation practices.

teen meditation

Use an App

There are apps on the market that are designed to help you if you struggle from anxiety. Many are free and let you choose what you want to focus on during your meditation. These apps may have music, chants or simply words to verbally guide you through meditating. If you are nervous about getting started, an app makes a great helper. The voices on the app often remind you not to worry if your thoughts stray. They teach you how to come back to the rhythm of your breath and relax your entire being.

Use Grounding Techniques

An important part of meditation is using grounding techniques. Grounding techniques tether you to the now and allow you to stay focused while meditating. They also offer a simple way back if you start to stray into anxious thoughts. Focusing on the breath is an easy, effective grounding technique. You can count your breaths as you inhale and exhale. When your thoughts roam, you simply come back to counting the breaths you’re taking. You can also use visualizations to ground you. Some people imagine their bodies as trees with roots fully connected to the earth but branches reaching for the sky. This gives you a visual image to keep you in the moment.

Eliminate Distractions

You can meditate anywhere, but those who struggle with anxiety would do well to eliminate distractions before starting. This means finding a place that is quiet and comfortable and putting phones on silent so they won’t interrupt the process. Trying to meditate in a room full of people who are talking or somewhere else that is chaotic can make it even harder to focus on your body and your breath. If you are meditating at home, make sure you have a place in your dwelling that is tidy, comfortable and fairly isolated from noise. It’s also smart to add comfort to your mediation area so you’re not distracted. Place a pillow on the floor to sit on when you meditate. Make sure clutter is kept to a minimum so it won’t beckon you to distraction while you’re meditating.

Anxiety can be a frustrating condition to deal with, but thankfully there are things like meditation that can help make it a little bit easier. Anyone can meditate, and the benefits for people with anxiety are proven. Use these simple tips to get started.

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